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Friday, 8 March 2013

North Indian cuisine @ Delhi Restaurant (Serangoon Road in Little India), Singapore

When we arrived in Singapore, it was pouring down with heavy rain. On the way to the hotel in a taxi, we saw the heavy rain suddenly stop, and the sun shone for the briefest moment, but then it started pouring down again just as suddenly. Thankfully the rain cleared up by the time we'd checked in and settled into our hotel room, and we set out to search for lunch and explore Little India, which was near the hotel. In fact, it got a bit too sunny and rather warm during our walk, that it was quite a relief when we finally got to the restaurant and were seated in air-conditioned comfort. Delhi Restaurant was pretty easy to find with its location on Serangoon Road, and the cozy dining space inside was about half-full when we arrived for a rather late lunch at 2pm. The staff were friendly and helpful in choosing a dish that was suitable for our boy's allergies, and I quite liked the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant. The menu was fairly extensive with a wide range of dishes of varying degrees of spiciness to suit most tastebuds. We could even request for the kitchen to dumb down the spices, which is all-important when dining out with a kid.

Some Pakora to start with. Admittedly, I'd ordered this so that the boy would willingly eat some vegetables, however given the deep-fried state, I doubt that the pakora balls were very wholesome. Deliciously crispy with no greasy mouthfeel:

Fried Rice. Yes, I know - fried rice in an Indian restaurant? My choice was actually biryani, but we were told it contained nuts. The boy had to eat something, so fried rice it was. Very tasty and not much different to a Chinese-style fried rice:

A classic Chicken Tikka, which was succulent and delicious:

Dal Makhani, the weak dish of the meal. The lentils had a burnt taste, but the sauce was great with the naan:

A type of naan similiar to paratha:

Delhi Restaurant is a solid choice for North Indian food in the Little India neighbourhood of Singapore.

Delhi Restaurant
Broadway Hotel
195C Serangoon Rd
Singapore 218067
Tel. +65 6297 1148

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