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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Delicious ice cream @ Berthillon, Île Saint-Louis (Paris)

Berthillon makes ice cream that many consider to be the best in Paris. With such a grand reputation, I knew that our trip to Paris wouldn't be complete if we didn't visit the flagship store on Île Saint-Louis to have a taste of Berthillon's ice cream. One of the best things about Berthillon's ice cream is that it contains only natural ingredients, so we are not ingesting the chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners and stabilisers that are commonly found in ice cream. I read that up to 15 flavours may be produced everyday at Berthillon, and that about 60 different flavours are produced throughout the year. Since the ice creams are manufactured based on what is in season, the flavours are very intense and unmistakably true to flavour. Berthillon is extremely popular, and I'm certain that there is always a queue of people lining up for its ice cream during its opening hours. Berthillon also distributes to retailers within the Paris region, and it's usually advertised quite prominently where Berthillon ice creams are sold, so you don't even need to go to the original store in Île Saint-Louis to try the famous ice creams!

Berthillon parlour and tearoom as seen from the outside:

Hubby's choice of flavours - a scoop of Mojito on top of a scoop of Chocolate, both of which he really enjoyed. The chocolate ice cream had a deep and intense flavour. Check out the length of the queue in the background:

I chose Gingerbread and Raspberry. Strange combination, but I really wanted to try these two flavours. The gingerbread ice cream was surprisingly much like eating gingerbread, except the texture is creamy. The raspberry ice cream was intensely tart and distinctively raspberry:

If there's only one place you go for ice cream in Paris, make sure it's Berthillon!

31 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île
4th Arrondissement
75004 Paris
Tel. +33 1 43 54 31 61

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