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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dinan (Part 2): Rue de Jerzual and the old port

Continuing on with our sightseeing walk around Dinan, we headed down Rue de Jerzual, the steep and scenic route down to the old port by River Rance. I wouldn't like to do the walk back up this road into town, unless I was looking for a good workout. Instead, we walked south along the River Rance, through the viaduct, came up alongside the outer rampart walls and went through an entrance that brought us to Jardin Anglais (English Garden). At the top of the rampart wall, we enjoyed a beautiful view of what's beyond Dinan's wall and River Rance. On our walk we also got to try the delicious Breton cake, kouign-amann, which was a much welcomed afternoon snack to fuel our walk (that took longer than planned due to outdated information on the guide map). Without much further ado, here are the photos!

Beautiful medieval houses along Rue de Jerzual:

One of the many gates along the rampart walls that surrounds the town of Dinan:

Stripey paintwork is a common theme:

At the bottom of Rue de Jerzual, opposite the bridge, was a small boulangerie called La Maison de Tatie Jeanne, offering all sorts of delicious-looking pastries, cakes and breads:

Kouign Amann translates to "butter cake". Crusty on the outside, layered puffs on the inside - simply yum:

By the River Rance:

Shops and restaurants opposite the port:

A huge viaduct spanning the valley across the River Rance:

I think the viaduct makes a pretty road bridge:

Walking up the pathway along the rampart wall:

The panoramic view out from the top of the wall (click on image for larger view):

The garden simply known as Jardin Anglais (English Garden):

Saint-Sauveur's Basilica, which we'd seen earlier from a distance in the clock tower:

The clock tower, viewed from inside the courtyard:

There are lots more to show and tell from our Europe trip, and I hope to get through them in good time.

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