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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Misokatsu Yabaton [Centrair], Nagoya (Japan)

This is the last post on our trip to Japan almost half a year ago! It is taking me so long to work through my backlog of photos, but I'm getting there! On this particular trip, we went to Nagoya for a few days, then to Kyoto for a couple of days before returning to the Centrair Airport in Nagoya for our return flight back to Hong Kong. We hadn't managed to eat all of Nagoya's specialty foods that was on our list before heading to Kyoto, so we wanted our final meal (at the airport) to be something that was on our foodie list. We found Misokatsu Yabaton which made hubby pretty happy as he loves tonkatsu. Using miso as a condiment for tonkatsu is not the usual combination in Japan, but it works! Service at the airport branch was polite and courteous, and staff spoke English, making it easy for foreigners to order. Mostly deep-fried breaded items were on the menu, but thankfully for me, there were a couple of salad options too. The boys totally relished this mostly deep-fried meal (which they never get at home as deep-frying is too messy and not healthy!).

Teppan Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork loin cutlet with cabbage on hot-plate), recommended to hubby by our waiter. Yes, he enjoyed it:

Two types of miso sauce condiments to go with the tonkatsu:

A serve of Ebi Furai (fried prawn) and Hire Tonkatsu (fillet) combo plate, for the boy who loves fried prawns. The pork fillet was supposedly the healthier option than the other pork cut from the loin, though deep-frying it probably closes any nutritional gap between the two cuts:

My friend ordered the Kushi Katsu (skewered deep-fried pork) set that came with miso soup, rice and pickles:

Yabaton Salad, with shredded meat that was perhaps too tasty to be healthful:

Hubby still wanted more deep-fried food after his teppan tonkatsu, and ordered Kani Korokke (crab croquette):

It was actually pretty good! We liked seeing actual crab flesh in the croquette (usually it is more processed and integrated into the croquette mix):

If deep-fried pork is what you fancy while in Nagoya, the misokatsu at Yabaton is a pretty good choice!

Misokatsu Yabaton [Centrair Airport]
4th Floor, Sky Town
Chubu Centrair International Airport
1-1 Centrair
Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture
Japan 479-0881
Tel. +81 569 84 8810

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