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Friday, 7 November 2014

Jan's Chinese Malaysian Restaurant @ The Entrance (NSW, Australia)

We returned to Hong Kong on Saturday after two weeks in Australia - one week in Sydney, and another week in Perth. My side of the family took advantage of our brief return to have an early celebration of my dad turning 70 years young. My three sisters live in Sydney, and my dad expressed interest in celebrating outside of Perth, so it was a pretty easy decision to have the reunion in Sydney. My siblings and I were involved in a lengthy email discussion a few months ago about what to do and where to go, and after much deliberation, we settled on doing a weekend away at The Entrance, which is about 1.5 hours drive north of Sydney. It was a nice, sleepy little town, and we all managed to get through the whole weekend without any big conflicts, fights or drama between ourselves! On the morning of the drive up, my younger sister hosted a big breakfast (though everyone rocked up about two hours later than planned!), which was hefty enough that we skipped lunch in favour for an early dinner. Said dinner was at Jan's Chinese Malaysian Restaurant, one of the few Chinese restaurants at The Entrance. It is a no-frills restaurant with simple and somewhat outdated decor, but service was pleasant enough and accommodating to our various dietary requirements and allergy requests (we have a sister who eats gluten-free, a brother-in-law who suffers from chronic IBS and a kid with multiple allergies). I had my hands full with the kids so I didn't see much of the menu and left the ordering to my sisters, who ordered two of everything except for the whole steamed fish, which the restaurant only had one. The quality was average, and quite typical for what hubby calls "white man's Chinese" (he's Caucasian himself).

Tasty Sambal Prawns:

The ubiquitous Fried Rice, to feed the kids:

The sticky sweet Peking Spare Ribs, one of my bro's favourite dishes to order at Chinese restaurants:

Clams with a garlicky sauce:

I believe this was Duck in Plum Sauce. These were battered and fried first:

Steamed Whole Barramundi - tasted fresh and garnished with a good amount of ginger and scallions:

And hubby couldn't resist ordering Fried Ice Cream (without toppings):

Jans Chinese Malaysian Restaurant
229 The Entrance Road
The Entrance, NSW 2261
Tel. +61 2 4334 1333

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