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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Delicious Vietnamese @ BT & Friends Vietnamese Restaurant, Joondalup (WA, Australia)

This is the final post from our trip to Australia a few months ago. I always try to get through my photos from a trip before going on the next, but it looks like I will be lagging behind because I barely started on our ski/snowboard trip to Japan, and yet we will be off again in a few weeks to California for a wedding. I recently began going to classes at the same mixed martial arts centre that hubby and son has been going to for the past two years, and it is not cheap so I try to go at least four classes a week - in addition to my twice-weekly weight training regime! This is certainly working to increase my cardio fitness and improve my coordination, but it also takes up a significant amount of my free time. It also doesn't help much that I also recently committed to going back to substitute teaching work as well as signed the littlest one up for toddler gym classes, but I hope to settle into a good workable routine soon.

Getting back on topic, on the evening prior to our red-eye long-haul flight back to Hong Kong, we had dinner with my brother and his family after he came home from work. They suggested a nearby Vietnamese restaurant that they often ate at, BT & Friends Vietnamese Restaurant, a small diner located a short walk from Joondalup train station and Lakeside Shopping Centre. The decor was simple and the interior was clean. The staff were friendly and helpful with our allergy requests, and there was a surprisingly large variety of dishes available on the menu - more than 160 dishes! The prices were reasonable, and the serving sizes were generous. Every dish we ordered was delicious, with good and fresh ingredients.

Small and simple but clean:

The entrance and counter where patrons can place their take-away orders:

A favourite of my bro's family - Fried Rice with Salted Fish, large size (AU$16). Very tasty, and our request for "less salt" resulted in a perfectly seasoned fried rice:

Stir-fried Fish with Snow Peas (AU$17) - soft flesh of the fish contrasted nicely with the crunchy snow peas. I appreciated the generous amount of carrots, mushrooms and cauliflower too:

Salt and Pepper Fried Pork Spare Ribs (AU$17.50) - one of my brother's favourite dishes. Lovely crunchy coating and flavoursome, but not the healthiest dish on the menu:

The 6-year-old wanted noodles, so we ordered Seafood Pad Thai (AU$15), with peanuts on the side. It was a large serving, so the boy needed some help with the noodles. Delicious choice:

We had a good experience at BT & Friends, and it was a good meal to fare us well on our return flight back home.

BT & Friends Vietnamese Restaurant
2/39 Central Walk
Joondalup WA 6027
Tel. +61 8 9300 9949
Closed Mondays

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  1. I'm passing through the area and really want to know more about where to eat in the town. This blog post definitely gave me a good idea of where to eat for dinner perhaps. Thanks for the pictures and in-depth details about your dining experience.