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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Bonappetour in Hong Kong - demo at Edith's

Last month I was contacted by Yee Hueh, the Community Manager at Bonappetour, who introduced the company as a young start-up, "an online community marketplace that provides travellers a chance to dine like a local, anywhere around the world". Bonappetour was launching in Hong Kong, and the company was searching for hosts to represent the community. Having three kids at home - the youngest only a few months old - I politely declined the offer to join as a host since I don't have the time nor energy for such a job. Yee Hueh then extended an invitation to attend one of the demos held by one of the new Bonappetour hosts, and I accepted it as I was curious to see how this works. I was accompanied by Inez, the co-founder of Bonappetour, and Yee Hueh, and we were all welcomed by Edith who was a fantastic host. Edith was pleasantly surprised to see that a baby was joining the demo, but thankfully the little one slept through most of our time there, waking up only when the food was ready. Edith's love of food and cooking was evident as she taught us how to make dumplings, tofu with century egg, and lettuce wraps (aka san choi bow). Best of all, they were all really yummy! I think this 'kitchenless concept' is brilliant, allowing travellers to experience a foreign culture in the best way possible - with the locals, eating local food, in a home! Even in a place like HK, where there are many expats, people who live locally can also enjoy such an experience. Thanks to Fiona, the appointed Bonappetour photographer at the demo, for eleven of the photos below.

Edith, our welcoming hostess:

The ingredients for the food, mise en place:

Making the pork and prawn filling for the dumplings:

Getting hands on with making our lunch:

Dumplings two-ways - boiled:

And fried:

Edith also showed us how easy it was to make tofu with century eggs:

No cooking required, and a lovely cool appetiser for the warm months:

Enjoying the fruits of our labour:

Edith is located in Ap Lei Chau, and you can see details of her 3-hour local market tour and home cooked meal experience here.

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