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Monday, 19 September 2016

Kid-friendly brunch spot @ Sprolo, Perth (Australia)

These days, my criteria for restaurants is that it must be kid-friendly. That must go without saying, with a hyperactive 7-year-old in cahoots with a rambunctious 2-year-old, and an ever-increasingly mobile 7-month-old. The alternative would be not to dine out at all, which is not an option. Not for me. (Of course, on the odd special occasions when we want to dine in peace without the rugrats, we will make it count and splurge at a fine dining restaurant.) The same criteria applies to our trips overseas too. When we met up with my friends in Perth who are now also mums of young kids, we had to go somewhere that was kid-friendly. Sprolo came on my Perth radar when my ex-classmate from university opened it two years ago, and mutual friends of ours raved about the coffee. The catchy name Sprolo comes from the barista's abbreviation of espresso ('spro') and 'yolo' (acronym for "you only live once"), which is quite appropriate for my ex-classmate who left his engineering career to follow his passion to open up a cafe and coffee roasting business. Sprolo has a small play area, and I suggested it to my friends who were keen to meet up for brunch there. I can confirm that the coffee is good. It's made from beans roasted in house by Blacklist Coffee Roasters. The menu was innovative and the food delicious, considering the fact that Sprolo is a cafe with no real kitchen. The exception was the scrambled eggs, which didn't look like scrambled eggs but resembled a fine spongy foam (I really can't think of a nicer description). The flavour was fine, but the texture and appearance didn't match scrambled eggs. It was my son's order, and he ate it all without any complaints. The sous vide machine on site ensured that the sous vide eggs came out perfect, and I would love to revisit for their famous Traditional Singaporean Breakfast with kaya (coconut jam).

Order and pay first at the counter:

And then wait for the food and coffee to be served at the table. The play area was good to keep the kids occupied for a short time:

Hubby's flat white (AU$4.20) was good, and I was curious about the Gula Melaka Caramel Latte (AU$5.50, with the option to add coffee). It was nice but too milky for me (I don't drink much milk, being lactose-intolerant):

Babycino for the little ones:

Hubby ordered the Smoked Salmon Waffle (AU$16.50) with cream cheese, oven roasted tomatoes and basil pesto. The savoury 3-cheese & chive waffle was delicious, and the smoked salmon was good quality stuff:

Scrambled Eggs on Toast (AU$12.50) - see what I mean by fine spongy foam? I must reiterate that it tasted fine:

Sous Vide Eggs on Toast (AU$12) - simply delicious (if you like eggs like this):

Sprolo is worth the visit just for the coffee alone.

138 Canning Hwy
South Perth WA 6151
+61 401 625 134

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