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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Yum cha lunch @ Gold Garden Dim Sum Seafood BBQ Chinese Restaurant, Balcatta [Perth, Australia]

Hello from Melbourne! We're in Australia for Christmas, and it is gooooood to be back here. It is summer in Melbourne, but it has been chillier and more wet than it has been in Hong Kong which is supposed to be in its winter season. I'll be back to normal blogging schedule in a couple of weeks' time, but in the meantime, here is our last meal in Perth when we were there in July. A family friend had invited us out to yum cha lunch at Gold Garden Dim Sum Seafood BBQ Chinese Restaurant in Balcatta. It's funny, but we eat more yum cha in Australia with family than we do in HK, where yum cha is from. The quality of dim sum was pretty good at Gold Garden, though there were a couple of items that had already sold out by the time we tried to order, like the egg tarts. Our friends did all the ordering and paying, so I cannot comment on the pricing.

Small in when compared to a typical Chinese restaurant in Perth:

Beef Horfun - fried rice noodles with beef and egg sauce:

Crispy Noodles with chicken:

Lor Mai Kai - glutinouos rice steamed in lotus leaves:

Har Cheong - prawns in rice noodle rolls, one of hubby's favourite dim sum:

Chicken feet, a treat I only get to indulge in if we're dining with family or friends who share my appreciation, as hubby is not a fan:

Har Gau - prawn dumplings, a popular one with the kids:

Delicious fried squid:

Luo Bak Go - pan-fried turnip cake:

Taro dumplings:

Gold Garden Dim Sum Seafood BBQ Chinese Restaurant
Stirling Gate
12/257 Balcatta Rd
Balcatta WA 6021
Tel. +61 8 9344 3323

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