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Monday, 20 February 2017

Savoury soy milk

I first read about Taiwanese salty soy milk on eatingasia's blog. I used this blog to plan our eating itinerary when we visited Kaohsiung in 2013, and we loved all of Robyn's recommendations, but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit her recommended place for savoury soy milk. Four years later, the opportunity arose for me to travel to Taipei with a girlfriend (accompanied by my #3 and her baby), and I looked up Robyn's recommenedations for Taipei eats. That's how we landed at this particular soybean milk shop early on our first morning in Taipei. I was delighted to see that this place was so close to our airbnb accommodation, and even more delighted when my friend was equally as enthusiastic as me to try out savoury soy milk. We ran into a bit of a pickle trying to locate the shop based on Robyn's address, but my friend only had to ask the shop owner at the address listed on eatingasia for a doujiang place, and he pointed us across the road. My friend and I with our babies gleefully sat down to our second breakfast of doujiang and pastries.

Pots of soy milk, warmed and ready to serve:

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! My friend couldn't resist ordering plenty of youtiao and pastries to go with the sweet and salty soy milk we got:

The youtiao was unbelievably light and crispy. The sesame stick was lightly sweetened and incredibly moreish. The red bean paste bun was delicious:

Xian (savoury) doujiang with garnishes, and tian (sweet) doujiang which was only lightly sweetened and served familiarly plain:

I'm hooked on savoury soy milk! I definitely prefer it to the sweet one. Now I wonder where in Hong Kong I can get the stuff!

都來也豆漿店 (Soybean milk shop called "dou lai ye dou jiang dian")
No. 77, Neijiang St
Wanhua District
Taipei City
Taiwan 108

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