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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sunday brunch @ TokyoLima, Hong Kong

It has been full-on for the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, the kids and I were in Phuket enjoying the sun, sea and sand, and less than a day after returning to Hong Kong, I had to rush to Perth on an urgent family matter. I had to literally drop everything, rushed to book the same day flight out to Perth (I got the last seat on a flight departing in 4 hours), repack for winter for my littlest one and I, and zoom to the airport. My poor 1-year-old was still tired from not sleeping well on the previous trip, but she's a little trooper. My dad is another trooper, and it was amazing to see him improve day by day. He's still in the hospital, but doing so much better. Hubby and our domestic helper did an amazing job looking after the older two kids, who are still on their summer school holidays. Our helper is only six months new so she was chucked in the deep end (as my ex-boss liked to say), but she did a fantastic job!

This post has been waiting for three weeks to be posted, and I'll going to do my best to recollect this meal we enjoyed to celebrate hubby's birthday. TokyoLima is a Peruvian-Japanese restaurant, located in a commercial building with an unmarked entrance. My aunt-in-law had warned me that she had trouble finding the restaurant, and her tips helped us locate the entrance easily. We thought Peruvian and Japanese was an unlikely fusion, but apparently there are many Japanese migrants in Peru, with the first 7000 migrants moving to the South American country in 1889 to help with farm work and build the Peruvian economy. Who would have thought a restaurant visit would result in a lesson in history? (This article gives a good background on Nikkei cuisine.) TokyoLima is windowless, which lends to the atmosphere of a basement izakaya. On the weekend, TokyoLima serves the Omacasa Brunch (HK$398 per person), which has a selection of small plates, raw fish, and a choice of one hot dish per person, all meant for sharing. There is also a Kid's Brunch Menu (HK$128 per child), which includes juice, two dishes and ice-cream. The flavours were bold and fresh, and we all enjoyed everything. Portion sizes were good, and we were full before dessert arrived.

Two dishes of the Kid's Brunch Menu - "Ki-mo-chi" Fried Chicken (chicken thighs prepared karaage-style), and Tuna Sushi Roll:

The "Ki-mo-chi" Fried Chicken with spicy soy tare, is also one the dishes on the main brunch menu:

Calamari Chicharron is available only on the Kid's Brunch Menu. The Nikkei-style crispy squid is paired well with the black olive mayo:

Nikkei-style soba salad with seaweed tempura, avocado, chili and sesame sauce. I really enjoyed this cold noodles, especially the spicy sesame sauce:

T-3, TokyoLima's 3-textures salad with pumpkin, mix leaf, poached quail egg, heirloom confit tomato, grilled fennel, crispy glass noodles, almonds and Nikkei dressing. This was a delicious way to eat a vegetarian salad:

H&M, one of the raw bar dishes, with hamachi (amberjack) and maguro (tuna) with shoyu (soy sauce) citrus:

Ceviche Classico - seabass, tiger's milk, sweet potato, choclo,
onion and coriander

Portobello & Nasu Sticks. The miso mayo, charred leek and pickled ginger were nice accompaniments to the grilled portobello mushrooms and eggplant:

Grilled Black Cod (extra HK$68) with citrus miso glaze. We love black cod, and always order it whenever we see it on the menu. This was moist and delicious:

Dessert included three types of sorbet (coconut, raspberry and mango)...

... and a fabulous banana split with hazelnut chocolate ice cream:

We had a lovely time at TokyoLima. Highly recommended for a different type of Japanese food in Hong Kong!

Ground Floor
Car Po Commercial Building
18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2811 1152

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