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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Sunday Brunch @ Hutong, Hong Kong

My aunt-in-law had only good stuff to say about the Sunday brunch at Hutong, and I was curious as to how a Chinese restaurant would do brunch. I'm used to brunch buffets as well as semi-buffets where you could eat all the appetisers and salads you want and order main courses. It turns out that at Hutong, the brunch is an 18-course affair, divided into appetisers (four dishes), dim sum (five dishes), hot dishes (five dishes) and dessert (four dishes). I thought it was a fairly good value at HK$428 as there was more food than we could eat. Hubby often has work dinners at Hutong, usually with colleagues visiting from other international offices, and I can understand why it's a popular choice. There's a great view of Victoria Harbour from the 28th floor, and the old Beijing-style decor is gorgeous. Service was attentive and professional, and the food was superb. Hutong is certainly a unique choice for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

Plenty of tables by the floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the views of the harbour:

The Hong Kong Island skyline:

There are several small private booths for large groups like ours:

The first four group of dishes, the appetisers, plus one special dish of beancurd skin roll for the kids. I loved the seared foie gras with osmanthus-smoked coddled eggs, but I think the others weren't keen on the fact that it was served chilled. The sliced squid with wasabi and cucumber salad in garlic-pepper sauce were enjoyable but not outstanding. The noodles in Sichuan chili sauce was delicious:

These mushrooms bao were pretty to look at, and so yummy too. Very light and fluffy texture:

The lobster wontons were superb:

The chicken guotie (potsticker) were perfectly done:

Though siu mai is an ubiquitous dim sum at yum cha, it's not one of our favourites. These crab siu mai, however, were fantastic and we loved them:

Stir-fried chicken with shallots and black bean sauce, and Kung Po fried cod fillets. Both were delicious, but the cod fillets were outstanding:

The soft shell crabs with dried Sichuan chilies packed a spicy punch, but it was moreish and it had me wanting more.
The pea shoots stir fried with garlic was a gentle accompaniment to the spicy crab

At this point we were all stuffed and so full, but we couldn't refuse dessert. These were steamed baos filled with egg yolk custard:

The crispy glutinous rice balls were a hit with the kids:

Delicious ice cream:

[Prices quoted above do not include 10% service charge.]

28th Floor
1 Peking Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
/Tel. +852 3428 8342

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