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Sunday, 16 October 2005

Agni Fine Cuisine, Innaloo

Friday night, I met up for dinner with my high school friends at this Indian restaurant in Innaloo. The restaurant is not situated near the Innaloo shopping strip so I got confused on my way there and was late for dinner (I'm soooo sorry, guys!).

Anyway, after some deliberation over the menu offerings, we decided on the following:

The three of us ordered mango lassi ($3.50). It was very mango-ey and thick, but probably a bit too sweet.

Chicken Korma - a mild 'curry' dish with very tender chicken meat. Honestly, the chicken meat felt like it melted in my mouth. This is a spicy dish, although I wouldn't say it's chilli hot.

Tandoori Chicken - probably the most well-known Indian dish. I believe this dish was prepared by marinating the chicken in spices, and then roasting/baking/grilling the chicken. I quite liked this one, although Anne and Rachael found it a bit too dry and charred. This is a good dish for those whose palates cannot handle hot spicy food.

Beef Vindaloo - we got this because Anne wanted something challenging. And sure enough, it was pretty hot and spicy for her but she liked it. I didn't find it all that hot for my palate, but I was brought up on chilli so that is to be expected. This dish was okay considering I don't like red meat, although probably a little bit too 'rich' for me as far as curries go. The sauce is pretty thick and quite oily. I probably ate more of this than the other two dishes, mainly because I know I need the iron and also because I could handle the spiciness and wanted to leave the milder dishes for my friends.

We had basmati rice flavoured with saffron and cardamon to accompany the dishes. Some naan bread was ordered as well as one of the 'rotis' (I wasn't familiar with this type of roti - it wasn't paratha or chapati).

When the food was finally brought to the table, the serving sizes of the dishes looked deceptively small. Rachael even commented that she may have to stop by Maccas on the way home. Heh, well, we had trouble finishing the food and had to take-away the leftovers of the vindaloo for Rob. So the serving sizes were quite sufficient. The cost of each of the dishes was around $16, the naan bread and the roti cost around $3.50 each and the rice was around $7 for the four of us. With the Entertainment Card discount (25%off?), the total bill came to around $60 ($15pp).

All in all, I had a fantastic time on Friday night. Although the food was great, I believe I enjoyed the company better.

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