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Sunday, 20 November 2005

Birthday dinner with family - Peking Duck dinner @ Warwick

Celebrated my birthday with Honey and took my family to peking duck dinner at Warwick Chinese Restaurant. Since I've already posted a previous blog entry for this food, I'll just post the photos up. I won't write much because pictures speak a thousand words.

1st Course: Crispy duck skin with thin pancake

2nd Course: Duck soup

3rd Course: Sang Choy Bao

Extra dish: Combination Hofun

We ordered an extra dish because Rob and Faye said they wanted more food. There were lots of seafood and meat served with this dish, and whilst the meat were nicely seasoned and marinated, the noodles themselves were rather bland and quite oily. Methinks for $14+, it's not worth it - better off going to Malaysian Gourmet in Broadway, Nedlands near UWA and pay $6.80 for a much more tasty hofun :)

Miscellaneous photos of family

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