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Friday, 16 December 2005

Shun Fung Restaurant on Barrack Street Jetty, Perth

It was my sister Faye's birthday on Monday 12th December, and she took us and my family to dinner for a joint birthday celebration with her son Seth whose 3rd birthday is coming up on the 21 December. She booked a table at the fancy looking Shun Fung Seafood Restaurant which is located on Barrack Street Jetty. Great location next to the river, but no doubt the price of the food will reflect this fact. (Rob and I checked it out last year as a possible venue to have our wedding dinner celebration so we kinda knew what sort of prices to expect.) We bought a "Strawberry Fields Choc" cake from the Cheesecake Shop for Faye and Seth.

When Rob and I arrived at 7pm (on our bikes too coz we were running late and wouldn't have had the time to walk or drive - the carpark was packed and finding parking would take longer than for us to ride in), Faye, Seth, James and my dad were already there. It was a miracle that the cake was still good (I was a nervous wreck the whole (5-10min) ride though, and it didn't help that we encountered this lady driver who didn't know the rules of the road and abused us for crossing the intersection of Stirling and Newcastle Streets eventhough the light was green for us to go - some people need to re-learn their road rules so they know that cyclists have to stay on the road and not the pedestrian footpath).

We enjoyed the view at Shun Fung whilst we wondered whether the food is as good as the prices suggested. Rice comes at $1.50 per bowl (price is not even per person! It's usually $1.00 per person (i.e. 'bottomless') for the standard Chinese restaurants both in Chinatown and in the suburbs) and dishes are upwards from $14. Soups like the standard chicken and sweetcorn is around $8.50 per bowl, and up to $19 per bowl for Shark's Fin. There is this special soup (can't remember the name of the soup - was too busy falling off my chair when I heard the price) which comes in at a grand $88 per bowl! Hm.

Honey was still working at Burswood, my mum was hitching a ride with her, and they didn't arrive until 8pm, so we ordered a few dishes first:

The jellyfish and pork dish (~$18) is served cold. Although the pork was rather plain, the jelly fish was marinated well.

The sizzling beef (~$18) was quite nice. The marinade/sauce was not overpoweringly salty as some can be.

Seafood tofu claypot - I always order a tofu claypot dish when trying out a chinese restaurant for the first time - it's like my 'benchmark' dish on how good the restaurant is. For its price (~$23), there wasn't much of it in terms of quantity, and it tasted rather average.

After Honey and my mum arrived at the restaurant, we ordered more dishes:

Crispy Chicken (~$20) - quite nice, although a bit too greasy for my liking. But that's the unfortunate part of having 'crispy' dishes.

Sizzling Fish, imperial style (~$33). Not sure what 'imperial' style is supposed to be, but the sauce that the fish was cooked in tasted like mild curry. I'm pretty sure curry sauces didn't exist back in the Chinese imperial times, but I could be wrong. I like fish, so this dish gets my thumbs up.

Faye also ordered the "Special Seafood Fried Rice" (~$20) which had crabmeat and eggwhite. It tastes like fried rice ought to taste and I don't really remember tasting much crabmeat in it.

It was then time for the cake!

(I like this picture)

Overall, it was a good night. As for the venue - the location is great. It'll be a good choice for a function, however be prepared to pay for it. In my opinion, the food is definitely not worth the price you pay. You can get much better food for much better prices in the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (eg Billy Lee's, City Garden etc).

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