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Friday, 31 March 2006

Melbourne dining (cabaret, Chinese, Viet)


On a friend's recommendation, we'd planned to go to Dracula's on our trip to Gold Coast, but since that got cancelled, we decided to take the opportunity to visit the Melbourne venue (there are only two). Dracula's is a cabaret restaurant, and it was fantastic! It cost us $63p/p but it was so good. The food (3 course) was good and the entertainment was excellent. When it comes to comedy, I find that I'm quite hard to please (relatively to Rob who laughs at almost anything ;P). But this show had me in stitches and tears.

We couldn't take any photos on the inside, so I had to settle for photos outside the venue...

Shanghai noodles and dumplings in Chinatown

On my first trip to Melbourne way back in 2003, my friend G took me to a Shanghai restaurant in Chinatown to try the noodles and dumplings. I loved it, and got her to bring us there again. I can't quite remember the name of the place, and it's not on Little Bourke Street itself, but on one of the smaller alleys that comes off Little Bourke. Gotta ask Germ for the name and address of the place.. Anyway, a plate of noodles or dumplings is around $6each. We shared three plates between Germ, Rob and myself and we had trouble finishing them. I remember having trouble finishing three plates shared between four girls. Pretty cheap, very filling and yummy but probably not very nutritious :)

The fried noodles:

Steamed dumplings:

Fried dumplings:

Vietnamese food somewhere in Richmond

My friend YP took us to Richmond for a wander around and lunch at one of the many many Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Here is where we tried 'pho' (beef noodle soup) for the first time. I tried the chicken version and Rob went for the beef pho. Quite tasty, but I suspect that they used MSG in the soup..

Phew! Long post. I can finally go to sleep...

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