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Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Tsunami Sushi, Mosman Park (2nd time)

On Saturday night, Rob and I went out to dinner with Rinnie and her hubby Matt. Kinda like a double date. It's funny how you meet people. I met Rinnie two years ago on a wedding forum. At the time, we were both planning our respective weddings which were to happen later in 2004. Both of us were located in Perth so we kept in touch via email (in fact, she's one of the few people I have regular contact with via email), and we finally met in person around this time last year. Rinnie and Matt now have a gorgeous 4-month-old son whom we met earlier this year when we thought it wasn't gonna be a social fatality for us to meet our respective significant others and introduce them to each other. We had nothing to worry about - Rob and Matt got along so well, it's almost freaky. Both have interests in martial arts, birth days within 10 days of each other (same year too!) and once you get them talking on religious topics, there's no stopping them (that discussion continued for a good couple of weeks via email). Hehe, it was good catching up with them again, and nice to hang around other couples where it's not like going on a double date with my friend and her hubby but more like going on a double date with our friends, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, we've previously been to Tsunami for my birthday in November last year, so we knew the food, service and the atmosphere in general was good.


We really liked the unagi (marinated eel) (it was part of the exotic sushi set I ordered last time) so I ordered Unagi sushi ($7.50 for two pieces) for entree. It was simply lovely.

Rob went for the hotate - scallops in sake with shiitake & English spinach ($13.50). The scallop itself was nicely done, but we thought the sauce was a little bit too salty.

Rinnie and Matt went for what we had last time - Tsu-tsumi Age and Kaisen Age - and they said they liked it.


I really liked the salmon we had last time, so I ordered that again. My reason for that is I don't know when the next time I'll be back here, and if I want traditional Japanese food as available on the menu, soon I will be able to eat to my heart's content come August this year. Rob went for something more extravagant - Isa Ebi ($ 38.50) - whole crayfish lightly cooked with tobiko mornay and accompanied by nimono (seasonal vegetables). It was lovely, but methinks that it was too pricey and not substantial enough for a meal. Definitely not something we'd order all the time.

Rin and hubby went for salmon and the exotic sushi set respectively, exactly what we had last time. Tonight, I realise that you have to be adventurous to try the exotic sushi set because it contains 'different' stuff - I think we took it for granted that everyone's as adventurous as us when we suggested the exotic sushi for them to try. We're still not quite sure if they liked it.


After dinner, we had yummy ice-cream. The ginger, black sesame and wasabi flavours were very tasty.

All in all, we had a lovely night, great food and wonderful company with discussions ranging from buying properties to Dungeons and Dragons games. Thanks guys - it's our turn next time :)

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