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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier, Ginza

After our tofu lunch on Friday, we headed to Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier in Ginza. This is a 4-storey establishment with a chocolate cafe and an ice cream cafe. We wanted to sit in the chocolate cafe, but we'd have to wait a long time to sit all 6 of us together, so we ended up in the ice cream cafe instead. Pierre Marcolini is a Belgian-based chocolatier that manufactures and sells luxury chocolate truffles in Belgium, France, Kuwait, US and Japan. The excluvisity of the name itself gives it reason to price its products so high.

I wanted something light for dessert, but the lightest thing on the menu was two scoops of ice cream. There were more substantial desserts like parfait and ice cream sandwiches. So, I ordered a 2-scoop of chocolate ice cream and mango sorbet (735yen [~AU$7.35]). The chocolate ice cream was really rich and chocolatey - something that Rob would really appreciate - and the mango sorbet was full of mango flavour obviously due to the fact that it was made with actual mango pulp. My friend Shan ordered the Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Sandwich, which consisted of a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between two slices of chocolate cake in a pool of melted chocolate ice cream. It was so rich that Shan could eat less than half of it before giving up. I had a bite to taste and to help Shan, but that was all I could have after finishing my own order of ice cream. It's certainly something to share between two people.

My two scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream & Mango Sorbet; and Shan's Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Sandwich:

Rob loves chocolate and he loves ice cream (his favourite ice cream flavour being chocolate!) so the next day, after a delicious sushi lunch in Tsukiji, Rob and I walked to Ginza to Pierre Marcolini where he enjoyed a scoop of chocolate ice cream (pricey at 630yen [~AU$6.30]).

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