The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G.K. Chesterton

Saturday, 17 May 2008

In the Perinatal ICU..

On Tuesday, I underwent a minor surgery at my maternity hospital. It certainly was an interesting experience as it was the first time I'd ever been admitted to any hospital as an 'in-patient' (perhaps due to God blessing me with good health, but also perhaps due to my aversion doctors and hospitals).

In preparation, I had to go without food or drink from 9pm the previous day. Needless to say, I was absolutely starving and thirsty when I was waiting for my surgery. The IV drip did little - if anything at all - to help. At 5:30pm (I'd been waiting since 10am), I was brought to the surgery room where there were two OB/GYN, one anastheticist and at least 3 nurses, which was a little surprising because I was under the impression that it was a minor procedure. I guess the risk stakes are always higher whenever pregnancy is involved.

My OB/GYN informed me last Friday that anaesthetic would be applied via the IV drip, but as I was laying on the surgery bed, this same OB/GYN told me that they'd decided that local anaesthesia would be used instead. I was fine with that until I was turned on my side and the anaestheticist began disinfecting an area on my spine. Bewildered at what was happening yet helpless to do anything, I was told not to move (assisted by a fairly large nurse holding me in place) and I felt anxiety growing when I felt the needle pierce my spine (not as painful as it sounds but it was every bit as unpleasant as it sounds). I hated being conscious yet not being able to move nor feel anything from my lower abdomen downwards.

Anyway, the actual procedure lasted only about 8 minutes, but the anaesthesia took about 2 hours to wear off. And I've been suffering a massive 'post-dural puncture headache' which takes at least a few days to heal (without getting too technical, the only things I can do to help the headache is plenty of bedrest and hydration). Kinda makes me wonder if the spinal anaesthetic was worth having (not like I was given a choice!!). This headache is just as bad as the horrible migraines I used to get, but longer lasting. The doctor was happy with my recovery and I was discharged the morning after the surgery. Other than this rather debilitating headache, I'm in good health, the baby's doing well and is very energetic in my tummy - I can feel its movements through my belly now.

I do have a couple of foodie stuff to blog about, but unfortunately they'll have to wait until I can sit upright for more than 30 minutes before this headache forces me back in the supine position. Speaking of which, I need to go lie down..