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Monday, 16 March 2009

Indian @ Bombay Club, Tokyo

We just got back to Tokyo from a short 3-day holiday in Okinawa, and I have over 300 photos to sort through. We ate a lot of local Okinawan cuisine, which is quite different from mainland Japanese cuisine with influences from the Chinese and south-east Asian cultures (and America, for the taco rice dish). I will write about our trip when I'm a bit more organised.

A couple of weekends ago, we had to go into Rob's office for a conversation lesson with our Japanese tutor, so we looked around the restaurant floors of the building for our lunch. Rob likes the food at Bombay Club, and he was eager for me to try the food. It's a New York style Indian restaurant, and just like the one we ate at in New York, there was a lunch buffet for 1100yen per person with a 90minute time limit (you can pay a little extra for some time extension). However, unlike the Indian restaurant we ate in New York, there was less variety of dishes on the buffet table. There were three hot dishes (Dhal Curry, Chicken Kheema and Hot Mutton Curry), a salad bowl, rice and dessert (fruit and yoghurt). Naan bread, potato wedges and Chicken Tandoori were cooked fresh and served at the table - we could request more of those items too. The food was good, especially considering it's a buffet-style meal, but I had to limit the amount I ate because Zak seems to have tummyache when I ate Indian previously. Speaking of Zak, the restaurant had no problems with us bringing a baby along. In fact, our waiter played with Zak every time he came by our table :)

My serving of curries: (clockwise from top) Dhal Curry, Mutton Curry and Chicken Kheema; and the plate of Tandoori Chicken, wedges and naan:

According to Rob, the a-la-carte selection is really delicious, so I would have to come back here again.

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