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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Two weekends of sushi indulgence (Part 1)

We had overseas visitors for two weekends in a row, and one of the Japanese things we want our visitors to experience is a good sushi experience (if they like sushi). Two weeks ago, we took Rob's aunties to Karaku in Ginza for some edomae-style sushi, and last weekend I brought A and C to our favourite sushi joint in Tsukiji. Since I've blogged about these two places before, these two posts will mostly serve as food porn.

To my surprise, Chef Togawa at Karaku remembered us from our last visit when I was 6 months pregnant with Zak, most probably because this time we turned up with a baby for company. With the handsome price tag that came with each sushi, the folks at Karaku were very appreciative of our patronage, especially when we came this time with more people. The variety of seafood was different than our first visit, due to the fact that the chef uses seasonal produce to ensure freshness of the food he serves. The food was, of course, excellent, and here are the photos as taken by Rob's iPhone:

Sashimi set (4200yen); Sushi set (3150):

Chirashi set (3150yen); Aburi o-toro (flame-grilled fatty tuna belly) (1500yen a piece):

The skin of tai (sea bream); o-toro (fatty tuna belly) and tai marinated in shoyu (soy sauce) and sesame oil. All three also featured in our first visit:

Ignoring the clumsy waitress who tipped over a cup of hot tea and narrowly missed one of my aunts-in-law (she also overcharged us by almost 9000yen!), this was a good lunch. Rob said the o-toro wasn't as good as the first visit, which probably explained why the chef recommended it flame-grilled.

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