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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Revisit: Indian @ Nawab, Tokyo

We've been to Nawab many times before, and even had a take-away meal from this little gem after we moved further away from it. There's a reason why it's one of our favourite Indian eats, and I've yet to be disappointed with the food they serve. Last weekend, we felt like having some good Indian food for lunch, so we decided to get on our bikes, with the baby strapped onto Rob's back, and ride the short 10-minute trip to Nawab. (We weren't counting on the weather forecast to be that unreliable, and we were caught in the rain on the way back from lunch. I felt like such a bad mum for letting Zak get wet.)

Lunch time service in our experience has always included a small bowl of salad for each diner, which had a delicious dressing to make eating vegetables enjoyable. We shared a glass of Mango Lassi (500yen), which was lusciously mangoey. For carbs, we got our favourite bread - the Mughlai Naan (700yen), which came pipingly fresh out of the oven. The sweet nutty combination of raisins and cashews in the naan never fails to please our tastebuds.

The glass of Mango Lassi and my complimentary bowl of salad; and naan with raisins and cashews:

For our mains, we ordered the Chicken Spinach (1150yen), which was mildly spiced and delicious, and would go really well with rice. We also shared a plate of Prawn Chili (1000yen) - the prawns were lightly spiced and fried crispy, served with onions and green capsicum in a spicy sauce. This dish is probably not Indian, but Nawab does a very nice version of it. The prawns I ate were juicy and fresh, but Rob said he ate one that wasn't as fresh as he'd like it to be.

The Chicken Spinach; and Prawn Chili:

To end the meal on something sweet, we ate Kulfi (400yen), a coconut-flavoured frozen dessert. It wasn't smooth and creamy like ice cream; rather, the kulfi had a dense and icey texture, kinda like sorbet. It had a lovely coconut flavour, not too rich or too sweet, which is always a nice way to round off a good meal.

Coconut Kulfi:

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