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Friday, 29 July 2011

Seafood @ Georges Steak and Seafood on Broadbeach, Gold Coast (Australia)

I love seafood. If seafood wasn't so dear on both the wallet and the environment, I could quite happily live on seafood. I'm glad that hubby also loves seafood, even though many in his family aren't keen on fish and seafood. Our boy also has expensive taste; he would literally pounce upon a prawn dish and make it disappear quicker than I can say "Please eat your food". After briefly checking out Surfers Paradise during our recent trip to Australia, my father-in-law and his family brought us to lunch at Georges, a steak and seafood restaurant on Broadbeach in the Gold Coast. it's a fairly upmarket restaurant with adequate service, and the food is good. The menu is quite extensive, offering not only seafood and steak, but also pasta, veal and chicken options. There is also a Kids Menu, but we would never subject our boy to the unhealthy crap that are usually featured on it (think fish and chips, chicken nuggets etc). An entrée-sized dish costs only a little more than the kids' menu, and tastes better by far.

For the 2.75 year-old: entrée-sized Garlic Prawns - king prawns flamed with brandy and finished in a garlic cream sauce on some rice. This was so good! It took a lot of my will-power to resist eating more than a tiny taste. The creamy sauce was not overly garlicky, but full of the umami flavour of seafood:

Rob and I were eyeing the Special Seafood Platter for 2, and when we found that it was AU$120, we were going to change our order, but hubby's dad and his wife insisted we get it (they were paying for the meal). It was a good thing that we didn't get any entrées because the platter was huge!

The Special Seafood Platter, which included a half gratinised lobster, grilled bugs (crustaceans, not insects!), oysters done a few different ways (au naturale, kilpatrick and gratin), scallops, boiled and grilled king prawns and barbecued baby octopus, all served on top a bed of rice and garden salad. Very good and very satisfying:

The platter from the other side:

Good seafood and steak here!

Georges Steak and Seafood Restaurant Broadbeach
27 Victoria Avenue
Broadbeach QLD 4218
Tel. +61 7 5570 1222

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