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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Simply fresh seafood @ Fish Bar (Marriott), Hong Kong

Hello from down under! We are in Australia for a super-quick trip, and it has been quite a full-on schedule so far. We have also of course eaten a lot of delicious food, and I have plenty of food photos from our Aussie trip to share on my blog after we return back home next week. Right now I'd like to tell you about a lovely seafood restaurant that is simply called Fish Bar, which serves up deliciously fresh fish and seafood. It is located inside the luxury JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, but its poolside al fresco setting ensures a casual atmosphere for a relaxing meal. Hubby's aunt invited us for dinner at the Fish Bar with my mother-in-law and her friend who were visiting HK last week, and even MIL (who doesn't like fish) enjoyed her meal.

The side dishes that came with the meals to ensure that we got our veggies too - leafy salad, buttered sweet corn kernels and creamed spinach:

This wasn't our first visit to the Fish Bar; our first visit was more than 6 years ago when this aunt and her hubby had brought us here for dinner one night. It's still one of their favourite restaurants in Hong Kong, and for good reasons. Service is first class as to be expected from a restaurant inside a 5-star hotel, and the staff were happy to accommodate to our little boy's food allergies (even ordering cooked vegetables from another restaurant in the Marriott). The food certainly lives up to the Fish Bar's philosophy of "serving simply fresh fish" - the fish were served simply grilled, pan-fried or battered with a choice of mashed or baked potatoes. For me, simple is best for fresh seafood; too much dressing, sauce or anything else will detract from the beautiful subtle flavour of seafood. The types of fish served up depends on what is available at the market. They also do a kids' menu, but we have never gone for a kids' meal because we want our boy to eat what we eat which tend to be less junky than what is usually on kids' menus. All the fish that we ordered that night were fresh and delicious, and we are inclined to come back to the Fish Bar again (and again)!

The boy's half-portion of Panfried Sole with mash potatoes (and cooked vegetables from another restaurant) - very soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture:

Hubby ordered Grilled Grouper with baked potatoes. He was so eager to dig in that I wasn't quick enough to grab a shot before he took a bite. I love the little jar of tartare sauce that came with every plate:

I had a Grilled Whole Pomfret. I adore pomfret and was very happy to have a whole fish to myself! It was yummy, perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked:

Rob says we ought to come here again and make the Fish Bar a regular. I am only too happy to comply :)

Fish Bar
JW Marriott
Pacific Place
88 Queensway,
Hong Kong
+85 2 2810 8366

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