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Friday, 16 March 2012

Average buffet @ Gaylord Indian Restaurant, Hong Kong

I really wanted to write only good stuff about this place, because l take no pleasure in writing anything negatively. Especially when the waitress at the restaurant was so friendly and sweet, and the food was not too bad. But let's start from the beginning. It's been awhile since we had Indian food, so last weekend we headed to Gaylord Indian Restaurant for some Indian tucker. It's quite a nice restaurant, definitely a big step above the ones at the somewhat dodgy Chungking Mansions, but nowhere as nice as our fave Indian in Hong Kong.

Service was lovely, as mentioned before, and we were seated at one of their comfortable tables with sofa seating. The buffet was being set up because we arrived before 12pm, but I wasn't feeling well and we had no intention of partaking in the buffet. However, after we were told that it would take about 25 minutes for a-la-carte dishes to be prepared, and that the Sunday lunch buffet was only HK$120 per person, we yielded to the beckon of the steaming hot dishes. The food was quite tasty, but again, the quality cannot be compared to our favourite Indian where the half-price-for-ladies for their Sunday brunch buffet is a better value than at Gaylord's.

The first set of hot dishes, which included Dal Tarka, Saag Corn, Aloo Tamater Ki Subzi (tomato and potato curry), Saffron Rice and Lamb Roganjosh:

Close up of Saag Corn. I've never encountered a corn version of saag before, and it was quite tasty! The crunchy sweetness of the corn went well in this dish:

Some salad and cold vegetarian dishes:

Second set of hot dishes, which included Chicken Chetinad (my favourite of the meal), Reshmi Kebab, Fish Kebab (hubby's favourite of the meal), Vegetable Samosa and Sambar:

At the end of the buffet were some Vadai. I quite enjoyed these savoury donuts (I'm not usually big on donuts which are usually too sweet and greasy for my liking):

Drinks are part of the buffet deal, and naturally we got Mango Lassi. Yummy but I couldn't finish it - this never happened before, but I wasn't feeling well, which also meant I couldn't offer the rest to hubby or son:

We informed our waitress of our boy's allergies, which includes peanuts and tree nuts, and she assured us that all the buffet dishes were safe for him to eat, naming the vegetable samosa in particular. It wasn't until towards the end of our meal that I noticed there were cashews in the samosa our boy was eating! The waitress was apologetic, saying that they usually don't put nuts in the samosas, and that maybe our son is ok. One of my pet peeves is restaurants being careless and downplaying the seriousness of food allergies - they have never seen my kid's face swell up and start having breathing difficulties, so it's easy for them to dismiss so-called food allergies. Food allergies are no joke, and it's really to the restaurant's fortune that our son did not have a bad reaction after eating some of the samosa. (As it turns out, the results of his latest blood test (done annually) came back last week which indicated that our son seems to be outgrowing some allergies, that he is allergic only to some nuts, and thankfully it seems that cashew is not one of them.)

Other than this incident, the meal wasn't too bad on the whole. Stick to the hot foods because the fruit salad, the cold vegetable dishes and salad were not very fresh. The Pineapple Halva was a nice dessert, and it was yummy when eaten warm.

Hubby's plate:

My plate:

Hubby was well-behaved and only had two servings. I only had one serving, which has never happened before at buffets, but I was feeling poorly and had no appetite. Bread was prepared fresh and served to the table. We enjoyed the bread, especially the boy, but alas we couldn't finish everything!

Naan bread, hot and fresh out of the oven:

Deep fried Puri was too greasy for a person with sore throat:

The Dosa was delicious:

I have mixed feelings about our experience at Gaylord. The food was average, the service was good for this standard of dining, but not recommended if you have any food allergies. For good Indian food, we like Tandoor in Central, which is only a couple of stops away on the MTR or a ferry ride across the harbour.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant
1st Floor
23-25 Ashley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel. +85 2 2376 1001

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