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Monday, 26 March 2012

Family date @ Café Landmark, Hong Kong

I always look forward to our little family dates on the weekend. It's a time to chill out, enjoy each other and eat good food (with no cooking and cleaning up afterwards!). Last Saturday I got some errands done while hubby took the boy to his weekly gym class, and we met up for lunch at Café Landmark in Central. This all-day dining restaurant is situated on the open area on the first level of The Landmark, and it's a popular spot especially for shoppers in the building. So popular that there is often a queue of people without reservations during peak lunch and dinner. I had the foresight to book a table a few hours in advance, which proved wise for Saturday at lunch time.

We didn't have to wait in this line:

Bright and airy space, thanks to the light from the skylight above. The restaurant is in full view of the shopping area (and vice versa), so it's not a place for a romantic date, but it's great for people-watching. Our boy loved having a view of the building's central fountain from our table:

The service was good enough and we had no complaints. The menu is mostly western and quite varied, with meat, fish, pasta, pizza and salad available to please all taste buds.

Mango Passion Smoothie - quite refreshing and so delicious:

Hubby couldn't go past having foie gras, so he ordered Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras, topped with crispy onion. Quite nice, although much too rich for me:

My order: Lobster Linguine - roasted lobster in tomato lobster sauce. It was supposed to be cream-based sauce, but I can't eat much cream (according to our waitress, many of their customers make the same request). I adored the lobster flavour in the sauce, and I loved the generous portion of lobster meat! It was messy eating as the shell was left on, but it was so worth the mess! Hubby was pleased to note that the tomato-based sauce wasn't a bad substitute after all (he loves cream, but this was MY dish):

Café Landmark is a pleasant spot for a quick lunch. We enjoyed this little family date, and I think our boy loved eating out in the open for a change. It was quite affordable for a meal of lobster and foie gras (less than HK$500)!

Café Landmark
1/F, The Landmark
16 Des Voeux Road Central
Tel. +85 2 2526 4200


  1. The lobster linguine looks awesome but I think I would stick to classic chinese food when in Hong Kong rather than pseudo western / Asian cuisine :)

  2. Did you know that Maxim's group owns Cafe Landmark?

    Chopinand, you would be missing out. The lobster linguine is awesome especially the cream version. Picture of cream version is on my blog:

    It is the best best pasta hands down I have had anywhere including the US but not Italy. But then my friend who are frequent travelers to Italy say that lobster linguine is not found on the menu over there.

  3. Hi Kelly,

    Yes, I knew that Cafe Landmark is part of the Maxim's group. Maxim is everywhere in HK!