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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Revisiting The Brunch Club, Hong Kong

G'day from down under! I am writing this post from Perth in Australia, where we arrived only yesterday evening after having spent a few days in Melbourne. We've already eaten at several great restaurants in Melbourne, and I look forward to sharing those experiences on this journal when we return to HK in 2 weeks' time. In the meantime, here's a little post about my little rendezvous with the ever fashionable Stephanie of The Travelling Tastebuds when she came to HK two Mondays ago for a short day trip. We met up in Tsim Sha Tsui, where we had a quick look at the historical Peninsula Hotel, stopped for a quick snap of the beautiful seasonal decorations at 1881 Heritage and then took the Star Ferry across the harbour into Central. It had to be a super-quick tour because I had to be home by 12:30pm to receive my boy when he came back from kindergarten on the bus, but I wish I could have hung out with Steph at the markets in Mongkok and do other girly stuff. We headed to the Brunch Club where we ate a delicious brunch and enjoyed a lovely chat. Here is Steph's write-up on our meal at the Brunch Club.

What we foodie bloggers do whenever something arrives at the table:

Steph's yummy looking Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. That's what I had last time so I know she made a good choice:

I kept it simple and ordered the Two Eggs (poached) with Two Toppings (Swiss gruyere and fruit salad) on Toast. Just lovely, especially with soft runny yolks:

We shared Greek Salad, and the feta cheese was gorgeously smooth and very tasty:

We both enjoyed the food, and I had a great time with Steph. Looking forward to hanging out with her next time when she visits HK or when I visit her in Shenzhen.

Brunch Club
Ground Floor,
70 Peel Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +85 2 2526 8861
Open 8am - 11pm everyday

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