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Friday, 16 November 2012

Buttery scrambled eggs @ Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong

While I was working on the previous post, I realised that I hadn't yet written about this meal I had more than two months ago! I was searching for a non-existent blog post, but the futile search served to remind me of photos that got forgotten in the ever-growing backlog of photos. Back in September, Steph of The Travelling Tastebuds came across the border from Shenzhen to visit me for a baking date, and we stopped by the Australia Dairy Company for a small bite to eat beforehand. I have no clue why "Australia" is in the shop's name, as everything about it is very Hong Kong-style. This place had been on my food radar for over a year but I didn't have the opportunity to try this place earlier for a few good reasons. Firstly, the diner is so popular that it is perpetually crowded at all hours everyday, and I'd heard that there is a queue right up until its closing time at 11pm. This is not a place for a leisurely meal, and it is definitely not a kid-friendly place. Secondly, whenever the weekend rolls around, there are so many interesting places to eat with hubby and the boy that a rushed meal of scrambled eggs on toast got pushed back. Thirdly, I dislike going out to eat on my own.

The queue at 11am on a weekday. It moved pretty fast, and we waited for only 5 minutes:

Crowded space near the entrance. This is only half the dining area, and the kitchen is at the back:

Be prepared to be seated with strangers:

I do avoid taking my visitors to places I haven't been before, but Steph was keen to try out what many consider to be the best scrambled eggs in Hong Kong. And she wasn't disappointed. The service wasn't as terrible as I'd expected, and there was an English menu! There are sets that include toast, eggs, drinks and soup HK$30 and under, as well as a-la-carte items for under HK$20.

English menu:

The food arrived quickly, and we tucked into our scrambled eggs (but only after we snapped away on our cameras, of course). The scrambled egg was so buttery! It was moist and fluffy-textured, and quite the indulgence. One was plenty for me!

Scrambled eggs on toast:

The scrambled eggs were indeed good, and I can see why the Australia Dairy Company consistently wins awards every year on openrice. Worth a try if you like eggs, don't have young kids, and don't mind the 'local' service.

Australia Dairy Company
Ground Floor
47-49 Parkes Street
Jordan, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2730 1356

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