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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Revisit: Lunch @ Yè Shanghai (Kowloon), Hong Kong

When my relatives were in town a few weeks ago, we took them to Yè Shanghai for some Shanghainese food. Hubby, boy and I had an enjoyable lunch here before earlier this year, and I was keen to re-visit to assess the consistency of the restaurant's quality. I'm happy to report that the service we received had improved, and the food was just as delicious - more fitting for a Michelin Two Star restaurant. We were looked after very well that Sunday, and my relatives were rather pleased with the food. We had more people this time, so we could try more dishes than last time.

Chicken with Bean Jelly in Peanut Sauce (served cold, HK$55) - a signature dish, and one of my favourites from last visit. I liked the slippery cool jelly and the peanut sauce:

Thousand Year Eggs and Beancurd (also served cold, HK$52) - another of my favourite from last time, which was well-received by my aunt and uncle:

Tea Leaves Smoked Eggs (HK$20 per egg) - simple but lovely:

Steamed Pork Dumplings, i.e. xiaolongbao (HK$52 for 4 pieces) - a signature dish, as it ought to be since it's a Shanghainese dish. This was a good version, although it doesn't match up to the one we had at Man Wah (but I admit that it is an unfair comparison since Man Wah's dumpling is so much more expensive):

Spring Onion Pancakes (HK$52 for 2 pieces) - twisty pastry with spring onions inside. Tasty good:

Stir-fried River Shrimps (HK$160) - a signature dish that is done well. Sweet and juicy shrimps:

Sauteed Minced Chicken with Pine Nuts, served with Sesame Pastry Pockets (HK$148) - we couldn't resist ordering this one again:

Fried Shanghai Thick Noodles in Dark Soy Sauce (HK$98). I am not a big fan of fat noodles, but hubby and my relatives enjoyed this a lot. The noodles were seasoned well, and there was a good amount of beef and vegetables:

We were all pretty full, but once again hubby couldn't pass up the opportunity for some dessert, especially now that we know the desserts are pretty good here. We ordered the Dessert Platter (HK$110) to share, choosing three of Yè Shanghai's signature desserts.

Mango Napoleon - layers of crispy yuba (tofu skin) with strips of mangoes. Sounds strange to use tofu with mango, but it worked very well:

One of the waiters dashed over to our rescue as we were contemplating just how to divvy up the Mango Napoleon. He cut into four portions, hardly making a mess:

I can't remember what flavour this Panna Cotta was, but it was silky and smooth, and it was served in a pool of delicious Mango sauce and bits of sago (or tapioca?) jelly. I may not remember the details, but I do remember that it was a good light dessert choice:

Black Sesame Crème Brûlée with Peanut Ice Cream - an excellent combination of flavours:

We had a good lunch at Yè Shanghai, and service was much better without that surly maître d' from before. This is a solid choice for Shanghainese food in Hong Kong.

Yè Shanghai Kowloon
6/F, The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
3 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel. +85 2 2376 3322

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