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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Revisit: Indian lunch @ Tandoor, Hong Kong

These days I have been flat-out busy with my online astronomy course (so many formulae!), extra teaching workload, catching up on my backlog of photos from our trip to Perth, and preparing for our upcoming trip - on top of my already busy schedule. I hope to be done with the final assessment of the course and up-to-date with my backlog of photos by the time we leave for the airport on Friday morning.

This post is a short one as I have already previously reviewed Tandoor on another occasion. Hubby had to be in Central for a Sunday appointment, so the boy and I headed there after church to meet him for lunch. Before I even stepped through the entrance of the restaurant, I had already made my mind up not to go for the Sunday Family Brunch Buffet (HK$148 for adults, kids under 5 free). Indian food is delicious, but too rich for me, and I only can eat a little before I am all filled up. Not once have I been able to resist the always affordably priced buffet option, nor have I ever managed not to over-eat, and my tummy always suffer for it. After seeing the buffet spread again, I was sorely tempted, however, I did manage to stick with my original plan, and ordered a single dish for myself. I reasoned that I had already tried the buffet before, and this was a good opportunity to try something from the a-la-carte menu. Hubby and the 4-year-old had the buffet, and hubby says the food was good as usual.

Condiments, achar and chutneys were placed on our table along with some cone-shaped papadums (not shown). I liked the pickled red onion:

Biryani is my standard Indian food that I use to judge how good an Indian restaurant is, and it also helps me to compare between restaurants. I always order biryani whenever I visit a new Indian restaurant, except for when there is a buffet option.

Biryani E Laziz (HK$112), with a choice of lamb or chicken. Deliciously spicy with good flavours and the rice was cooked nicely. This gets my thumbs up:

I would love to try out other a-la-carte dishes. Tandoor is worth a visit for good buffet spread and delicious a-la-carte dishes.

[Prices quoted above are not inclusive of the 10% service charge.]

1st Fl, Lyndhurst Tower
1 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +85 2 2845 2262

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