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Friday, 30 August 2013

Provençal and Mediterranean @ C'est Mon Plaisir, Montparnasse (Paris)

It's not easy being a restaurant-seeking foodie in Paris on a Sunday. Many restaurants close on Sundays, which was one of the reasons we'd gone to the market on Sunday morning to pick up our lunch supplies. I wanted a proper sit-down affair for dinner, and I managed to find one close to our hotel that opens 7 days a week that had gotten decent reviews on both yelp and tripadvisor. C'est Mon Plaisir translates to English as "it's my pleasure", and the restaurant serves food using Mediterranean and Provençal ingredients. It has a fairly nice interior with a laid-back atmosphere and pretty good service. Only the a-la-carte menu was available on Sundays, but more attractively-priced prix fixe (set menu) options are also available during the week. We were quite pleased with the quality and taste of the food.

The amuse-bouche served to us shortly after we placed our orders. I recall it was a lovely cold soup, but I can't remember exactly what it was. It was great with the bread:

Hubby's first appetiser was Ravioles de Foie Gras, jus aux girolles et trompettes (fresh foie gras raviolis with wild mushrooms and creamy juice, 12.50 euros). I enjoyed this, which had deep earthy flavours from the mushrooms, and the foie gras was not too overpowering nor too rich. This was a fantastic choice for mushroom-lovers:

I went for the Mesclun de jeunes pousses, graines de courges et vieux Parmesan (mix of young salads with old parmesan cheese and marrow seeds, 8 euros). Everything was crisp and fresh, which was perfect for a summer's day:

Hubby ordered another appetiser for his main course - Crumble de Moules et Magret séché à la crème de curry doux, servi froid (cold mussels with smoked duck crumble with mild curry cream, 9 euros). It sounded like a strange combination, but it was a good choice! I loved the textural contrast of the crumble with the creamy curry, and everything went well together. The only negative was the burnt toast which was too hard to chew, but it is not an integral part of the dish:

My main course was Saumon et Gambas comme une Bourride, pomme de terre Roseval (salmon and prawn bourride with Roseval potatoes). The bourride was a fish stew, similar to bouillabaise. It was delicious, but take note that it is spicy (not indicated on the menu) - thankfully our 4.5-year-old boy didn't seem to notice the spiciness:

Hubby could never pass up on dessert, especially French desserts, and he ordered Nougat glacé maison aux fruits secs, coulis de fraises (in-house frozen nougat with dried fruits and strawberry coulis, 8.50 euros). C'est delicieux, and reminded us a lot of the very first nougat glacé we had:

All in all, it was a pleasant meal we had at C'est Mon Plaisir. If you're in the Montparnasse area on a Sunday around meal-time, this restaurant would be a pretty good choice for food.

C'est Mon Plaisir
150 Boulevard du Montparnasse
14th Arrondissement
75014 Paris
Tel. +33 1 43 21 03 48

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