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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A solid bistro lunch @ Le Casse Noix, Paris

When we got back to the ground after our climb up the Eiffel Tower, we were more than ready for lunch. I got our hotel concierge to help book a table at Le Casse Noix for lunch, which is located close enough to the Eiffel Tower. This is a small and cozy neighbourhood bistro, with polite staff who spoke fine English. We were presented with three menus: a blackboard with suggestions du jour (special of the day, with the option to have two courses for 20 euros, or three for 25 euros), a bigger blackboard with suggestions du chef (chef's recommendations, with four dishes in each course and the option to go a-la-carte), and the prix fixe menu for 32 euros with three or four choices for each course. The boy got an entrée dish, hubby opted to choose from the prix fixe menu, and I went with the special dishes of the day.

Le Casse Noix is a charming bistro with antique decor:

For the 4.5-year-old, we ordered an entrée - Ravioles de Champignons, poêlée de girolles et coppa (mushroom ravioli, fried girolles and French prosciutto, 18 euros). Nicely executed, and perfect entrée for mushroom-lovers. It was just the right size for the boy:

Hubby chose his entrée from the prix fixe menu - Tarte fine aux artichauts et tomates séchées, mozzarella, roquette et jambon de parme (artichokes and dried tomatoes tart with mozzarella, rocket leaves and prosciutto). This was a great combination of flavours and textures on top of crispy tart pastry:

My entrée from the daily specials board was Gaspacho de Melon et brunoise de Jambon (melon gazpacho and diced ham). Melon and ham is a well-used combination, and it was a nice and refreshing change to have these two food partners in the form of a cold soup:

Hubby's main was Paleron de boeuf cuit au bouillon, légumes d'un pot-au-feu en vinaigrette (beefchuck cooked in a broth, and pot-au-feu vegetables with vinaigrette). This was a homely-looking dish with rich bovine flavours. The beef was surprisingly tender and not too tough:

The special main course of the day was Cote de porc, purée à la moutarde à l'ancienne (pork chop with mustard mashed potatoes). The pork chop was tasty:

Loved the mashed potatoes (though it can't compare to Robuchon's):

For dessert, hubby chose Compotée de rhubarbe servie comme un vacherin, sorbet pommes granny (rhubarb compote served like vacherin, with Granny Smith apple sorbet). Quite a light and not-too-sweet dessert:

The rhubarb filling within the ring of crispy meringue:

I was curious about L'île Flottante ever since I saw it being made on one of the Food Network programs a few years ago, so I had to get it when I saw it on Casse Noix's menu. This was an extremely sweet dessert, but the meringue was perfectly light and airy, and the crème anglaise was delicious:

We enjoyed the bistro food at Le Casse Noix, and it was affordably-priced too. This is a solid choice if you're in search for lunch around the Eiffel Tower area.

Le Casse Noix
56 Rue de la Fédération
15th Arrondissement
75015 Paris
Tel. +33 1 45 66 09 01
[closed Saturdays and Sundays]

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