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Sunday, 22 December 2013

French baked goodies in Dinan

If I felt that our trip to Bali was a lifetime ago, our summer trip to Europe was eons ago. But I still have many many photos waiting to be chronicled, so here I am trudging forward. One of the things I miss the most about France are the delicious baguettes from boulangeries that seem to be on every street corner, whether in a big city like Paris, or a small medieval town like Dinan. I was in foodie heaven every morning in France as we ate freshly baked goodies for breakfast. Here are some of what we ate for breakfast during our short stay in Dinan.

In Place des Merciers in the middle of the town centre, there's a boulangerie called Fournil des Cordeliers which belongs to the Ronde des Pains network.

Fournil des Cordeliers, where we bought...

... a pain au chocolat (chocolate bread, one of my son's favourite)...

... a pain aux raisins (raisin bread, another one my son always chose for breakfast in France)...

... and finally a multigrain baguette for hubby and I. There's nothing quite like biting the crispy crust of a freshly baked baguette into the soft chewy middle of a tasty baguette, and the multigrain factor was an added healthful plus for protein and fibre:

Fournil des Cordeliers
8 Place des Cordeliers
22100 Dinan
Tel. +33 2 96 39 11 23

For breakfast on our second morning, we got our breakfast goods from three different spots.

First boulangerie we hit up was La Mie Caline, where we bought...

... a pain au chocolat for the boy...:

... and a chocolate bread for hubby:

La Mie Caline
22 Rue du Marchix
22100 Dinan
Tel. +33 2 96 87 52 43

Next we went a couple of shops down the street to La Flûte Gana:

From there we bought a pain aux raisins for the boy:

La Flûte Gana
26 Rue Marchix
22100 Dinan
Tel. +33 2 96 85 29 76

Finally we went to the boulangerie inside one of the oldest remaining markets in Dinan known as La Cohue (where there are many other shops selling everything like fresh fruits and vegetables, charcuterie and cheese, and you can also eat-in or take-away food from a bistro, a café-crêperie and a rotisserie-friterie):

A cheese baguette from the boulangerie inside the covered market for me:

La Cohue
Les Halles
Entrance via Rue du Petit Pain or Rue de la Ferroniere
(between Rue de la Chaux and Rue de la Mittrie)
22100 Dinan

There were a few more boulangeries in Dinan that we missed but would have loved to try. Perhaps next time if we ever find ourselves back here!

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