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Monday, 10 November 2014

Fab fish and chips @ Big Tuna Fish Co., The Entrance (NSW, Australia)

On the second day of our big family trip to The Entrance, after meeting briefly in the morning for the little ones to wish their grandfather happy birthday, good health, long life etc, we split up and went our ways for a few hours. In a group so large, it is difficult to pick an activity that suited everyone. My eldest sister wanted to do the channel crossing during low tide at noon, but my younger sister wanted to go check out the beaches. I was honestly torn between the two, but decided to do the channel crossing so I could be near our rental apartment, where hubby would be looking after baby girl during her nap while I took the 6-year-old out with his cousins. The majority of us went towards the channel, and this was where I captured this shot (first posted here):

The Entrance, NSW (click on image for larger view):

The plans to cross the water was ditched when we saw the strong currents (though amusingly both my heavily pregnant sisters still reckoned it was a feasible activity), and from there, the 'channel crossing' group split further into three smaller groups. My boy and I hung out with my 8-months pregnant sister and two of her youngest children, and they had fun playing in the sand.

It was 2pm before I realised that we still hadn't eaten lunch, and I felt it was my responsibility to ensure our little group was adequately fed and nourished. We made our way back to the main part of town to look for lunch, and my sister suggested fish and chips (and what pregnant lady wants, she gets). Big Tuna Fish Co. was the first fish and chips shop we saw, and it was also conveniently close to our rental apartment block). With such a prime location, I wondered briefly whether this would be an expensive tourist trap serving crap food, but it turned out that I had nothing to worry. It was reasonably priced, and I was pleased with the quality of the seafood and the food preparation in general. The place was clean, the staff was friendly, and the kids were just happy to be digging into some food. It is a popular shop, but most people chose to take-away - no doubt for a picnic to enjoy the beautiful weather - so there was ample seating space inside.

A big signboard and food on display:

Some tables and seats were further inside Big Tuna Fish Co.:

My oyster-loving sister chose the Summer Pack (which was also my first choice) - six tiger prawns and fresh shucked oysters served with chips, salad and house tartare (AU$15.50):

I went for the Grilled Fish Pack (AU$16.50) - one grilled hoki fillet, two garlic prawns and two calamari served with salad and house tartare:

I also ordered the Kids Pack (AU$7.50 for two fish cocktails, two calamari rings, chips and house tartare) for the little ones to share, but I forgot to take a photo of it. The food was delicious, and Big Tuna Fish Co. is a good choice for fish and chips at The Entrance!

Big Tuna Fish Co.
131 The Entrance Road
The Entrance, NSW 2261
Tel. +61 2 4332 5341

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