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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hidden sushi gem @ Sushi-Ya, Artarmon (NSW, Australia)

We stayed with my younger sister and brother-in-law when we visited Sydney in mid-October, and they live in Artarmon, a Lower North Shore suburb not too far north of the CBD. It is quite a nice little area, convenient with a couple of nearby train stations and some shops and restaurants near the train tracks. On one of the days, we met up with hubby's father and wife who had flown into Sydney from Brisbane for the day to meet up with us. We hung out at my sister's place while waiting for baby girl to wake from her morning nap, and then we headed out in search for lunch near Artarmon train station. On the main strip of shops, there are a couple of green grocers, a bakery, and several eating establishments, but on the other side of the track is a small avenue known as 'Little Japan' with a ramen shop, a Japanese grocer and a Japanese restaurant. I wasn't expecting much, but Sushi-Ya turned out to be a pleasant surprise, serving authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine. Japanese food is my favourite cuisine, and having lived and eaten in Japan for four years, I am pretty picky about the food quality, particularly with sushi and sashimi. This place meets my standard and gets our thumbs up.

There are two distinct dining areas of different styles, and I found out later that they were previously two separate restaurants sharing the same kitchen. Both sides has indoor and outdoor tables, and we chose to sit inside because of the slightly chilly weather. We visited on a weekday, and there was only one Japanese waitress working, but she held up well even after the place filled up with the lunch crowd. The chef was also Japanese, who knew how to make quality Japanese dishes. The menu was extensive and offered a wide variety of dishes, and we introduced a few Japanese dishes to my father-in-law and his wife, who loved everything.

Salmon Tataki - salmon simply seared, allowing the beautiful quality of the fish to shine:

Seaweed Salad with a Sesame Dressing - can't go wrong with crunchy seaweed. My father-in-law loved it so much that we ordered a second serving:

Ikura Sushi - salmon roe sushi is the 6-year-old boy's favourite sushi, and these were gone in a blink:

Sashimi, part of a set that included tempura, rice and miso soup (not pictured). Tuna, salmon, squid, scallops, octopus and flying fish roe - all fresh and excellent quality:

Father-in-law ordered a Sukiyaki Set, which was perfect for the chilly weather. Hearty beef with plenty of vegetables:

Hubby was keen to introduce Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancake) to his dad, and this did not disappoint:

For dessert, Taiyaki with sweet red bean paste filling and green tea (this was called a waffle pancake on the menu). I think this went down well, despite initial reservations from father-in-law about beans in a dessert:

The restaurant, as viewed coming from Artarmon train station:

There were more food than pictured here, and I must have been quite distracted with feeding the baby to notice that I missed taking photos of a few dishes. But never mind, just know that the food is good at Sushi-Ya.

10 Wilkes Ave
Artarmon, NSW 2064
Tel. +61 2 9411 1377

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