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Saturday, 14 January 2006

Great affordable Japanese food @ Taka

Taka in Perth has been a favourite place for us to go to whenever we want some good but affordable Japanese food. It's cheap but not nasty, and the food is fresh. It's the place where Japanese students and backpackers in Perth go to have their meals (yes, I asked a few Japanese). The first Taka opened on Shafto Lane (between Murray and Hay Street) and it's always crowded on a Friday night. The second Taka opened last year and it's situated in a more central location corner of Barrack and Wellington Street - very close to Murray St Mall.

This place has the cheapest sashimi in town, and it's what I always order whenever I go to Taka. A large sashimi set costs $10 (the most expensive item on the menu, by the way) and you get tuna, salmon, white-fleshed fish (can't remember which one), octopus (cooked), some salad and large servings of rice and miso soup. A large assorted sushi set costs $10, and it's what Rob always order whenever we go to Taka - you get 10 pieces of assorted sushi and a large serving of miso soup. And this place gives out free green tea too (self-serve)!

Went out with a few friends to Taka for dinner, and I had my camera with me so I decided to take a couple of photos to prove that I'm not joking when I say the food is good and affordable. I decide to try something different this time - salmon don. Because of some tummy troubles, I went for the small size ($6). If this is small, I can only imagine the size of the large one.

My friend ordered a large karaage set with mayo ($7). She had trouble finishing it.

A note of warning - it does get really crowded with the lunch crowd on working days, and on Friday nights with the late night shoppers. So if you do go during the peak time, be prepared to wait a while for a table and your food.

Mm yummy, I want some sashimi now..

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