The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G.K. Chesterton

Monday, 22 May 2006

Take a chance

Today, my younger sister Honey left for Malaysia quite suddenly. She'll be there for a year with her own dreams and goals to pursue, one of which is to become this year's Miss Malaysia/World ;). Heck, she's already in, so all she needs to do is win the competition! A tip Hon - brush up on your Bahasa Melayu!

I find it pretty ironic that we're leaving Perth so shortly after my older sister Lynn returned to Perth after living in Sydney for the past few years. I guess it's our turn to (in Kelly Clarkson's words) spread our wings, learn how to fly, and break away. Standing at the airport saying goodbye to my sister, I realised that in a couple of months time, it shall be me that will be farewelled.

I went to one of my good friends' hens night last night, and although there were about 20 of us, I was the only one invited from our circle of friends (the rest were her friends from her church, so I felt really privilege and exclusive to be invited!). Many were astonished to find out that Shona and I have been good friends since primary school and someone asked me how I felt now that Shona is getting married. Although I'm already married and was the first amongst my friends to get married, I didn't really relate well to the whole "wow we're all growing up and getting married moving on to the next stage in life" etc until I myself started going to my friends' weddings. With Shona, she's my oldest and probably the dearest friend I have, and to be honest, I felt both happy and sad at the same time (she probably felt the same when I got married too!). Happy for obvious reasons, but sad that all we shared in our childhood will only ever be happy nostalgic memories now and nothing more. All those walks on the school ground during our recess and lunch breaks, yakking about stuff girls yak about. It's really hitting home that we are all growing older.

My point is, you're only young once. Seize opportunities with both hands so that you don't look back later on and feel regret that you didn't do enough.

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