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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Shijan Korean Restaurant (Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

For dinner after the visit to the Ninja Temple, we went to a Korean restaurant called Shijan located inside the new Kanazawa Forus shopping centre by the eki (train station) which opened only last month. This 7-storey shopping centre is such a young people's hangout. So many pretty young things falling victim to impractical fashion (I lost count of the number of girls with super short mini skirts and 'f***-me' boots. It was a freezing day too! - and this I mean literally because there was a thick layer of ice on our car's windscreen when we got home). Anyway, back to the food. It was so good! To my (pleasant) surprise, the food wasn't really Japanese-fied - strong, spicy flavours typical of Korean food. Kim is half-Korean (who loves her kimchee sooooo much!) and she gave thumbs-up to the food too.


Korean pancake/omelette (I know this as 'haemulpajun' but can't remember the name given at Shijan):

Korean rice cakes with spicy sauce (aka 'dukbokki', once again can't remember the exact title given at Shijan):

Sweet potato noodles (I don't know the Korean name for this dish):


Kim and Richie both ordered bulgogi (barbecued beef) on rice which looked and tasted yummy:

Rob ordered the bibimbap set with a mini version of some soup dish whose name I forget. This was really tasty:

I ordered some spicy soup set with a mini version of bibimbap - the soup looked spicy but it wasn't really that spicy. It had tofu, pork, cabbage and some glutinous rice cakes in the soup:

The wonderful company:

I don't remember the prices of each dish, but I know it wasn't an expensive dinner - I think everything came to under 6500 yen (about AU$70ish).


  1. Damn... if that's one of your JET collegues, perhaps I should go over there and do the JET program...
    Oh, and the Ninja temple is cool...

  2. Haha.. I think you ought to just do the JET program, period. There are tonnes of cute Japanese girls here, many of whom likes gaijin boys ;)

  3. hahahaha... I could use it, aren't many prospects around here