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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Mm, chocolates.. [Godiva 72% Cacao]

We are chocoholic nuts. Fussy ones, mind you - we cannot just settle for any chocolates, but dark chocolates (high percentage of cacao). And they have to be good dark chocolates. This is very important, since we indulge in chocolates every single day after dinner. We are quite justified in this daily indulgence since everyone knows that chocolate is good for you. Something not very well-known is that milk negates the health benefits of the antioxidant flavanoids in chocolate. So milk chocolate is not good for you.

Three years ago, I would have told you I disliked dark chocolate. Not sweet enough, and rather bitter. Now, having been spoilt with dark chocolates, milk chocolates are far too sweet and creamy for my tastebuds. And I know from experience to stay away from American chocolates, especially Hershey's brand. White chocolate had never been, and will never be, on my list of favourite chocolates - it contains zero cocoa and in some countries it is illegal to even call this a chocolate.

We don't claim to be chocolate connoiseurs, and we are miles away from this guy who has tried over 100 types of high-cacao chocolates. But, we are making our way there by trying as many different kinds of chocolates that we can get our hands on (not an easy task in Japan). We made a recent discovery of a beautiful chocolate: the 72% Cacao chocolate by Godiva, a Belgian brand. It is better than all the dark chocolates we've tried so far, however, it is also by far the most expensive chocolate we've purchased (it's probably not too expensive elsewhere though). A small 50g bar cost around 500yen (~AU$5), and that equates to 10,000yen/kg (~AU$100/kg)! Needless to say, we were a bit hesitant to pay so much for something so small - what if it was not-that-great? Our worries were for naught, for we were rewarded with the smooth, rich taste of good quality chocolate. A little pricey for our daily indulgence, but perfect for the occasional treat.

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