The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G.K. Chesterton

Friday, 20 July 2007

Last day of school

I just delivered my farewell speech to the school at the closing ceremony. It was completely in Japanese, and there were a couple of parts that evoked chuckles from the students. I was sure it was due to grammatical error since it wasn't humourous (not intentionally anyway), so I later asked Kami sensei and she told me I had a couple of small grammatical errors, and said it was her fault for not detecting them when she checked it. Oh well, it gave for a lighter mood and Kami sensei said it meant that the students were listening to me :) Plus I'm sure the students know they make more mistakes in English than I did in my Japanese ;P

For my farewell gift, I received a bunch of gorgeous flowers and a beautiful lacquerware case covered with kinpaku (gold foil) - a very furusato (regional) gift since lacquerware is Wajima's specialty, and Kanazawa produces 99% of Japan's kinpaku. A group of my 3rd year girls also gave me a friendship band. Strangely today wasn't emotional or sad for me. I guess it could perhaps be because I don't really feel like it's goodbye since I'm staying on in Japan. Besides, we do intend to come back again to the Noto to visit.

These next few days I will be very busy with farewell dinners, packing and cleaning. The dinners will be fun, but not looking forward to the packing and cleaning...


  1. What will you be doing in Japan now?

  2. Well, I'll be heading to Tokyo to join Rob next Friday, and the following week we're heading to New York for a couple of months for his job training. I was thinking of studying Japanese at a college in Tokyo (since I'd need some grasp of Japanese if I want to work in a field related to my degree in Japan), but now I'm thinking that I'll probably find a job as an English teacher similar to what I have done for the past year. I'll be able to figure out what my next step will be during our stay in NY since I'll be on my own for a LOT of the time when Rob's working..