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Monday, 15 October 2007

A third Broadway theatre experience

Three Broadway shows in less than 2 months is impressive for someone who isn't a theatre-enthusiast. The last show I watched in Broadway was Phantom of the Opera with Honey. She wanted to watch it based on how much she'd liked the movie version, and I think she was probably more impressed with the theatre production. The show was held in the Majestic Theatre, which was pretty impressively decked with props for the show. I loved how the scenes with the crashing chandelier and gondola rides were executed. I was generally impressed with the whole production - a talented cast, great props and engaging plot. And having front-row seats certainly was fantastic. I guess it's not the longest running show in Broadway for nothing.

A shot of the theatre's interior before the curtained opened; the chandelier on stage after its crashing scene at the end of Act 1 (shot taken during the interval):

Front row seats meant we could see the ochestra below the stage; Times Square during the day:

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