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Friday, 10 October 2008

Sunday lunch grazings

My parents arrived in Tokyo last Wednesday, and while I am grateful that they are here to help, I cannot deny the fact that the past week was pretty challenging for me as I had to learn how to live with my mum again. Thankfully things have settled down as it seems we have both adjusted to each other's way of living and doing things. The help my parents have given with the cooking and household work freed up a bit more time for me to complete my errands and tie up a few things, so right now I can afford to actually relax a bit while waiting for bub's arrival! Of course, I am still doing some cooking and housework because I am still capable of doing them, but it's nice to be able to ask my parents to take care of dinner when I'm exhausted (like I was yesterday).

For lunch on Sunday after church, we wandered around in the restaurant and shopping area of Harumi Triton Square, which is near our apartment. We all felt like having different food for lunch, so rather than having a sit-down meal at one place, we split from my parents and went around to a couple of places for our lunch. We also bought a couple of extra items for my parents to try.

At a cafe - Salmon Focaccia and Grilled Chicken & Roast Vegetable Panini (420yen each). Rob said: "They call this a focaccia??". Needless to say, he wasn't very impressed with the food, although I did quite enjoy the panini which was lovely toasty with cheese and chicken bits:

Choco Cro (170yen) from St-Marc Cafe - a chocolate-filled croissant, which combines two of Rob's favourite foods:

From a bakery - Onion Bread and Pumpkin Loaf (420yen total). The onion bread was deliciously savoury with onion, cheese and ham topping and filling, but the pumpkin loaf was pretty plain:

A seasonal sweet - Imozukushi (芋づくし). It uses satsumaimo (the Japanese sweet potato), which is in season right now. The yellow 'dumplings' contained the ubiquitous anko (red bean paste) filling and covered with a layer of sweet potato cake, and the purple ones are actually mochi (glutinous rice cake) covered with anko.

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