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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Chinese @ Lao Hu Dong Yi Ju & Ice Cream @ Coldstone, Tokyo

Last Sunday, the Chinese celebrated the first day of the Lunar New Year. It fell on the same day as Valentine's Day, but I think that celebrating the Year of the Tiger far surpasses that of V-day. Our little family had a mini-reunion lunch with a friend at one of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Tokyo, Lao Hu Dong Yi Ju. We've eaten here a few times before, and it needs no introduction in this blog so I shall get right to the food.

My two favourite guys, with Zak looking dashing in the traditional Chinese outfit of changshan (i.e. cheongsam for guys):

For starters, we enjoyed some Pork Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) and Nira Manjuu (garlic chives dumpling). The xiaolongbao was appropriately juicy and the manjuu was as delicious as it was last time.

Pork soup dumplings and garlic chives dumplings:

We ordered our favourites, the Beijing-style Sweet & Sour Pork and Stirfried Scallop & Asparagus, and they didn't disappoint.

The balls of tender pork; and the perfectly cooked scallops dish:

We had Crab Fried Rice as the obligatory carb dish, and it came with an egg soup to pour over the rice if you wished (but neither of us did). Rob was still eager to eat more, and he ordered the Deep-fried Fish in Chili Sauce, perhaps because he thought that all the food we'd ordered were too healthy. The fish was nice, but I always think it's a shame to cover fish and seafood in batter, deep-fry and drenched in sauce. I feel that you can't enjoy the delicate taste of seafood in that manner.

Crab fried rice; and the chili fried fish:

Lao Hu was great once again, and we enjoyed great conversation and company. We headed out to Cold Stone for dessert. Whenever we're in Roppongi Hills, it's really hard for Rob to resist this place, and to add to the temptation, Cold Stone was having a Valentine's Day special of a free upgrade to a size up. Rob created his own combination that included dark chocolate ice cream, coconut, fudge and almonds in a chocolate waffle cone, which he kindly shared with me. Honey and Chrissy each got one of their own, and the size upgrade proved a bit much for both girls, but Rob was only too happy to help finish.

Cold Stone (unhealthy) goodies - Rob's chocolate coconut creation and my sister's Oreo Overload:

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