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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Revisit (many times already): Indian @ Nawab, Tokyo

We've been re-visiting our favourite eats, with our latest dining experience at our old favourite Indian restaurant, Nawab. It's really a neighbourhood sort of restaurant - nothing fancy-schmancy, the sort that office workers go to on their lunch break during the week - but the consistently good food keeps us going back for more even long after we've moved out of the area (it's now a 35-minute walk rather than the 5-minute one it was a couple of years ago - I don't mind because we needed to work off all the naan, rice and ghee).

After so many visits to Nawab, we know what's good so it didn't take long for us to place our order. We drank Mango Lassi and sipped Masala Chai while enjoying our all-time favourites Chicken Biryani, Dahl Spinach and Mughlai Naan, as well as trying out the Lamb Korma for the first time. The favourites are favoured for a reason, and they were all good as always. The korma was nice with tender chunks of lamb, and my sister liked it better than the dahl, but Rob found the korma a little too oily (I still have yet to appreciate the general gamey taste and odor of lamb). Rob liked the dahl best, and my favourite dish of the meal was the biryani. The 16 month-old had a couple of spoonfuls of the biryani but I think he's undecided on that one.

Flavourful chicken biryani; and delicious dahl spinach, spicy lamb korma and naan bread filled with cashews and raisins:

We ended the meal with our favourite sweet, Kulfi (coconut-flavoured frozen dessert), which was simply delicious.


We've been to Nawab for many meals in the last few years with friends and family, and I'm hoping we'll be able to squeeze a few more in before we move from Japan (but it's always a compromise between trying new things and going back to what you know is great). Nawab will certainly be one of the places we'll miss when we do move.

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