The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Contemporary Spanish @ Fofo by el Willy, Hong Kong

This is my last post on our trip to Hong Kong, and I'm already having to start packing for our next trip, this time to Australia. I think we need a break from all that flying around after this trip down under.

This was our last evening in Hong Kong, and Rob's lovely aunt C brought us to FoFo by el WIlly, a newly-opened restaurant that serves contemporary Spanish food. The opening of Fofo followed the successful el Willy restaurant in Shanghai. The restaurant had a simple but classy design, and service was pretty good. The menu offers tapas and rice dishes, both traditional and contemporary. I like the idea of tapas, especially when dining in a group, because it's nice and bonding to share food and everyone can get a variety of mini-sized food.

(About the photo quality, we initially had great natural lighting by the window, but as the evening wore on, the natural light faded and the restaurant was pretty dimly lit, so it got more difficult to take good shots without flash on the point-and-shoot.)

Complimentary Bruschetta with tomato bread and olives; and Saute Prawns with Garlic & Chili:

A special dish of the day, off the menu: Hand-sliced Iberico Ham, acorn-fed and aged 36 months - nice with crusty bread; and Beef Cheek with Banana & Passionfruit Crispy Roll - tender meat that went surprisingly well with the fruity pastry base. L and Rob liked the fruity beef cheeks so much that they ordered a second plate of it:

Fried Croquettes of Iberian Ham aged 36 months - a favourite with my fellow diners; and Chicken with Lobster Traditional Catalan-style - delicious juicy chicken with generous amount of lobster flesh in a mushroom sauce:

Dessert time! Churros with Warm Chocolate & Vanilla Ice-cream - delicious, but so unhealthy; and the Assorted Dessert Plate, which included Layered Mascarpone Mousse, Berries & Banana Cake, Chocolate Cake, Catalan Cream, Mango Sorbet and Dark Chocolate Gelato - all pretty good, and I particularly enjoyed the smooth rich dark chocolate gelato:

I don't encounter much Spanish cuisine in Tokyo or Australia, so I don't get much chance to eat Spanish food. This was a lovely meal to farewell us on our way back home to Japan after only a short few days in Hong Kong. It was a productive trip, and we covered a lot of ground so we now have a better idea of how it'd be living in HK.

We're off to Oz tomorrow, so my blog will be sadly silent for a couple of weeks. However, I promise that after we return, there will be a sudden influx of journal entries about what we ate and did, so stay tuned!

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