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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Revisit: Mexican @ Café Iguana (Elements), Hong Kong

A couple of Saturdays ago, hubby and I went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D) at the cinema - our first date at the movies in over a year! I believe the last one we watched was Toy Story 3 (3D) in Tokyo before we moved to Hong Kong, and my younger sister had helped babysat our son. Did you know, about 99% of the dates hubby and I had gone on since our boy was born, was during the year my sis stayed with us in Japan? And we probably went on about six dates during that time despite setting a goal of going on dates at least once a month. Our date statistics went to zero since September last year when we moved to HK, until I finally found a good babysitter that I could trust to look after Zak. We love our son dearly, but - as any parent would understand - we also need to spend quality time together, child-free. KFP 2 was a fantastic movie, and I can't believe how cheap movie tickets are in Hong Kong! It costs almost 3 times less than in Tokyo! Well, seeing as how the cinema is literally outside our door (plus two elevator journeys down and one escalator ride up), we should make movie trips much more often, both on sans-child and whole-family occasions.

We wanted to enjoy a leisurely family lunch after being reunited with our son post-movie, and it didn't take long for us to agree upon Café Iguana, our favourite restaurant in the neighbourhood (except our "neighbourhood" is actually the rooftop dining area in the mall downstairs from our apartment). I've lost count of the number of times we've eaten at Café Iguana in the past nine months since we moved here, but this was only our second time lunching here. The lunch menu was different to the Sunday Brunch menu we had last time, but no less delicious. Same deal as the Sunday Brunch - for HK$98, we could choose from a small list of starters and mains, and add the optional HK$20 extra to also enjoy the dessert of the day. Judging from the crowd that gathered in the restaurant, we are not the only ones who like Café Iguana!

The 2.75 y/o got what he always gets whenever we eat here - Chicken Quesadilla. He ate two of the four pieces on the plate (he was already working on one when I remembered to take a shot):

Add cheese to anything and kids will love them! The Quesadilla is a popular option for the young ones:

Both hubby and I went for the salad instead of the soup. Simple bacon and avocado salad:

Rob went for the Fish Tacos. Lightly spiced grilled fish strips with salad mix and caramelised onion and capsicum inside crispy taco shells - fun and delicious:

My Chicken Fajita on the hot plate with the tortillas and condiments on the side - another meal that was fun and yummy:

Dessert that day was a Yogurt Mousse with Chocolate Sauce. Light yet rich at the same time, we were happy to share just one:

Another great experience at our favourite eating spot in the mall. I'm quite sure it won't be our last! (Check out my previous blog posts on what the dinner menu is like).

Café Iguana
Shop R004
Civic Square, Elements Mall
1 Austin Road West
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel. +85 2 2196 8733

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