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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Scrumptious galettes and crepes @ La Ville d'Ys, Rennes (France)

When we decided to go to the Brittany region as part of our trip to France, the first thing that came to mind were the galettes and boozy apple cidre. Our first (and only other) exposure to the Breton galette and the alcoholic cidre was at a crêperie in Tokyo, and we were keen to try the real deal in its home region. During our very short time in Rennes, we enjoyed lunch at a tiny crêperie called La Ville d'Ys. This place had gotten great reviews online, and I heard that this popular crêperie fills up quickly, so I made sure that we turned up just before 12 to beat the lunch crowd.

La Ville d'Ys, a great little crêperie in Rennes:

We were seated at one of the outdoor tables, and we enjoyed our meal with the lovely weather. I saw only two cooks in the kitchen and only one waitress serving the floor, but the service was great and the food came out in good time. The menu was in French and my studies in French paid off, but the waitress spoke excellent English and answered any questions we had about the food.

Delicious boozy apple cider:

For the boy, we ordered the Galette Complète (5.40 euros), which came with ham, Emmental and egg - a great combo for kids:

Hubby and I decided to be a bit adventurous, and shared the Galette Guémenoise (9 euros), which our waitress told us was an acquired taste. It had andouille de Guémene, a pork sausage made with the small intestines of the pig. Having grown up eating all kinds of food that others would consider 'interesting', this sausage was quite ordinary! (For the record, I liked eating the pig's intestines my mum cooked when I was a young girl.) The crunchy texture was similar to beef tripe that you can get at yum cha, and the andouille didn't have any funky or weird taste. This galette was pretty good combined with the mushrooms, onions and mustard:

We also shared the Galette Armen (8.80 euros), which had a potato filling with smoked salmon, lemon, crème fraîche and chives - good, fail-safe combination of ingredients:

For one of our something-sweets, we ordered a traditional crêpe with lemon juice (3.40 euros), one of hubby's favourite ways to eat pancakes at home. Simple but good:

We also enjoyed one of the house specialties, a chocolate and coconut crêpe (4.60 euros), which are perfect toppings for a sweet crêpe:

The savoury galettes and sweet crêpes were all fantastic, and we had a really enjoyable lunch. La Ville d'Ys comes highly recommended by me! Make reservations if you're visiting during the weekend, holiday or peak meal periods.

La Ville d'Ys
5 Rue Saint-Georges
35000 Rennes
Tel. +33 2 99 36 70 28

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