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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Yummy Malaysian lunch @ Rasa Penang, Clarkson (Perth, Australia)

As I wrote before, we always look forward to eating delicious authentic Malaysian food whenever we go to Australia for a visit. When we were in Perth, my brother and his wife took us to Rasa Penang in Clarkson for lunch. This is about a 10-minute drive from where my family stay in Joondalup, and it was nice not having to drive so far for good Malaysian food. My brother and his wife are pretty picky when it comes to Malaysian food, so I knew that we were in for a good lunch. The eatery is located opposite the Clarkson train station, with a small amount of seating area for eating in, and there were plenty of customers ordering for taking away. It is clearly a popular business, run by a friendly Malaysian couple who was quite accommodating to our allergy requests. Prices were very reasonable (especially for Perth's high cost of living), with generous servings all under AU$11. We ordered a few dishes to share, and hubby and I were rather pleased with the food.

Rasa Penang, near the Clarkson train station (visible in the background):

While waiting for our food, I spotted in the drinks refrigerator a few bowls and takeaway containers of Chilled Tofu Pudding with Lychees. Subtly sweet and refreshing:

Roti Prata with Chicken Curry. Yummo!

A favourite in our family, the Chai Tau Kueh (fried carrot cakes). Rasa Penang makes this dish really well, and this was the very last plate of chai tau kueh for the day! My brother also wanted to order a plate, but he let us have this one since we are the visitors:

My sister-in-law ordered a bowl of Fish Noodle Soup (I did not taste it so I cannot comment on it):

Brother ordered Nasi Lemak - a perennial favourite of fragrant coconut rice with chicken curry, egg, ikan bilis (fried anchovies), peanuts and sambal (again I did not try this, but my brother wouldn't order it unless it was good):

One of hubby's most favourite Malaysian food - the Char Kuey Teow. Delicious fried flat rice noodles with lots of fresh seafood!

Another of hubby's fave Malaysian dish - Sar Hor Fun, stir fried rice noodles with egg sauce and generous serving of prawns, squid, pork and vegetables:

The sar hor fun is basically char kuey teow plus egg sauce. So good:

Rasa Penang fills the void for good and authentic Malaysian food in the far northern suburbs of Perth. Thumbs up!

Rasa Penang
Shop 3
304 Ocean Keys Boulevard
Clarkson, WA 6030
Tel. +61 8 9408 5554

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