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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dinner @ Zuma, Hong Kong

Hubby and I are making a bit more effort to go out on date nights. We got lazy for awhile there, opting for a night in with a movie or chat, and it got a little bit boring. On a recent Friday night, I left our sleeping kids in the hands of a capable nanny and met hubby after his work for a dinner date. He suggested Zuma since it had been years since we were last there, and Japanese food sounded like a fine idea to me! I've never been to Zuma in the evening before, and it had a different vibe to daytime. The drinks bar was hopping with after-work drinks, and the dining area was bustling too. It was a good thing I had the mind to make reservations a few hours prior, however all the tables were already booked and we could only have seats at the sushi bar. Entry is on the 6th floor, where the drinks bar is located, and we were shown downstairs to the dining area. It was a nice treat to watch sushi chefs do their thing while we waited for our food. The food was excellent, and our only complaint was the price! Alas I failed to bring my camera, so the following shots were taken with my Samsung phone.

The dining floor, as seen from the magnificent winding staircase:

The sushi kitchen as viewed from our seats at the sushi bar. The robata bar and kitchen were in the adjacent area:

Seaweed Salad (HK$85) - slightly crunchy and lightly dressed with a delicious sweet-salty-tangy dressing:

Zuma Uni Truffle (HK$180) - an interesting combination of the slightly sweet sea urchin roe with earthy truffle:

A combination of Hotate Sashimi (scallops, HK$95) and Ama-ebi Sashimi (sweet shrimps, HK$75). Very fresh and sweet:

Zuma Seared Salmon (HK$110) - beautifully done and perfectly seasoned:

At this point in our meal, there was a buzz in the kitchen as a huge slab of tuna arrived. This is the head chef holding up the tuna when he saw me taking a photo. He then proceeded to cut the tuna into different cuts based on the fat content. A waiter noticed how we took great interest, and explained that this was a rare occurrence as delivery usually happens very early in the morning when the restaurant is closed:

Japanese Sweet Potato (HK$85) from the robata menu:

Anago (saltwater eel, HK$95) - deliciously grilled to perfection:

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Zuma, and I do wish it was something we can afford to do on a regular basis!

[The prices quoted above do not include the 10% service charge.]

Level 5 & 6
The Landmark
15 Queen's Road
Central, Hong Kong
Tel. +852 3657 6388

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