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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Brunch @ Tarts Cafe, Northbridge (WA, Australia)

One of the best things about going back to Australia for a trip are seeing my friends again and catching up (usually over good food). It is a bit of a shame that my blog posts are skewed towards restaurant visits, as some of the best meals we ate during our trip to Perth last October were from our friends' home kitchens! Going out to eat is fun and there is less to clean up, and that is what my friend and I did! She's a dear friend from high school, and we were hoping our group of four would have a nice catch up. The original plan was for those of us with kids to meet up during the day, and then do a girls' night out without the kids so that I could also see our working-non-mum-friend. Life with kids means that plans get changed a lot! One friend had to cancel the daytime-play-meet because of her two sickly kids, so it was just the two of us with our babies (who were both born on the same day and year!). She lives in the Mt Lawley area, which is enviably close to all the good cafes, restaurants and bars in the surrounding suburbs including Mt Lawley, and I was pretty happy when she suggested Tarts Cafe for lunch. My siblings and I had a fantastic dinner experience a couple of years ago, and I'd hoped for another chance to try the brunch/lunch menu. Nothing much has changed, and I love the cosy atmosphere at Tarts, the cheerful and friendly staff, and the beautiful looking slices, tarts, muffins and cupcakes in the cake cabinet. There is a nice variety of choices on the brunch menu, with several gluten-free and/or vegetarian options. I ordered the Chicken Panini (AU$11.90), which contained a superb combination of braised chicken in an Asian sauce, cashews, mayo, avocado and coriander. It was a generous serving, and it came with a steak knife which went unused as I favoured using my hands instead.

Delicious Chicken Panini:

After our meal, I picked up scrumptious-looking Lemon Tart for hubby, who loved it!

Tarts Cafe has become one of my favourite eats in Perth!

Tarts Cafe
212 Lake Street
Northbridge, WA 6003
Tel. +61 8 9328 6607

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